XFX Radeon HD 7970 and Eyefinity

By death791
Aug 8, 2012
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  1. Hi again all, time for my next big question on what to run, I got my Xfx 7970 DD Black Edition card the other day ago which ill be crossfiring after I purchase all my monitors. I will be setting up a 3x 23" monitor display within the end of the month and need alittle help on which cables to run.

    Now the 7970 Model I have has 2x DVI, 1x HDMI, and 2x Mini Display Ports, so my question being would be whats the best way to go and able to run. 2x DVI and 1X HDMI to DVI on the Monitor, or 1X DVI and 2X Mini Display to DVI on the Monitors or go 1X DVI to DVI, 1X HDMI to DVI and 1X Mini Display to DVI?

    Also I went to my local bestbuy and checking out some monitors and I was looking at the Acer 23hl Bid and 23.6" Asus and the picture on them look great and have pretty slim bezels on them, if you have any suggestion on some better monitors with smaller bezels on them please post them =)

    Thanks !
  2. bluebob951

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    Dvi and 2 mini displayports using mini DP to Active DVI, You need to make sure you get active adapters or else it will not work properly. I have the xfx DD black edition also, great card I have another one coming tomorrow to crossfire, and will be getting another 2 24" monitors soon enough, I already have all the cables I need for the setup. Good Luck!
  3. death791

    death791 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 38

    awesome could you post the mini DP cables you have or like a link I could order them from thanks!
  4. bluebob951

    bluebob951 TS Member Posts: 57

  5. slh28

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    Do your monitors have a Display Port input? If so you can get 2x miniDP -> DP cables and 1x HDMI/DVI -> HDMI/DVI cable, so no need for adaptors. If not then check in the box your card came with, it might include an active miniDP to DVI adaptor, mine did.

    I have 4 screens (3x U2312HM, 1x TV) set up as follows:
    miniDP -> DP
    miniDP -> DP
    DVI -> DVI
    HDMI -> HDMI
  6. bluebob951

    bluebob951 TS Member Posts: 57

    Xfx only includes hdmi to dvi with the 7970 black edition, or at least on the new ones they do.

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