XP freezing completely

By Desertwolf
Jan 6, 2010
  1. I recently formatted my Dads HP Pavillion PC. After formatting and installing all the software it began to freeze, not BSOD just literally freezes and I have to shut it off using power button. I reformatted and reinstalled all the drivers again thinking it was just a bad format or bad driver installation. This morning it freezes again. I used the internal check for HD that comes with the computer (PC doctor i think) and it tells me that there is no problem with the hard drive. The computer has been with my dad for 6-7 years now and its on usually 12-13 hours a day. Anyone know any reason his could happen.
  2. raybay

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    Hard drives usually last 3 to 6 years, depending on brand and model, temperatures, etc.
    It appears yours is no longer working... though it may contain usable data, the outer part of the plates that contain the magnetic material has likely flaked off and the drive is no longer usable. In the USA, you can buy a replacement at your local computer store for $65 to $250 depending on size and speed, or you can go to,,,,,,,,,, and many others to order a new and working drive you can reinstall your operating system and data to.
  3. Desertwolf

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    I would agree with you if the computer has had the problem before, but the computer has never frozen before the format, and since then the computer has also been turning off by it self, could it be the power supply? or the CPU fan or something like that? Could it be freezing/turning off due to heating issues?
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