Yet another Code 12 issue, pulling my hair out

By WingsofWar
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Video card decided to crap out on me during a fresh install of XP, got a new AGP Nvidia Card for a replacement. I cant get it to work and im forever in VGAsave mode. I cant think of a solution but i feel like im close! Help please!

    PC stats:
    GNB-Max2-FISR Motherboard
    2GIG RAM
    P4 2.8mhz
    DVD drive

    I have basically disabled everything i can via BIOS or Device manager but its still giving me "NOT ENOUGH FREE RESOURCES"

    I have reinstalled windows twice
    I have swaped for another graphics card
    I have updated the BIOS
    Installed disabled and reinstalled Graphics driver

    IRQ ports as shown
    0 - system timer
    1 - Keyboard
    2 - Floppy Disk
    3 - None
    4 - None
    5 - Geforce 6200
    6 - None
    7 - Intel Smbus Controller
    8 - CMOS realtime clock
    9 - ACPI system
    10 - None
    11 - None
    12 - None
    13 - Numeric Data processor
    14 - IDE Primary channel
    15 - IDE Secondary Channel
    16 - Matrox onboard Audio Device
    17 - None
    18 - USB
    19 - USB
    20 - Intel Pro/1000 NT adapter
    21 - None
    22 - None
    23 - USB

    Conflicts shown in Systems information

    Intel(R) E7000 Series processor to AGP controller - 2552

    Conflicts with
    Geforce 6200
  2. Dave991

    Dave991 TS Rookie

    Newb response, but is your bios calling for a PCI video card?
    Is there an onboard video card?

    If not, do you have (or can you borrow) a PCI video card to set it up and then adjust the bios to use the AGP.

    Somewhere to start.
    Gotta get that video going correctly. Good luck.


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