Optical Writers With Serial ATA/150

By Derek Sooman on August 30, 2004, 1:05 PM
Now that SATA is taking the hard drive world by storm, I guess it was only a matter of time before SATA optical drives started to appear, as they will surely become the standard one day. The vision is certainly a desireable one - no more annoying and bulky PATA cables to worry about at all, plus the increased speed and stability. Setup of SATA devices would be a lot easier and of course airflow gets better too.

To this end, Plextor has released the PX-712SA Serial ATA/150 DVD Rewritable drive, and MSI's the new X5AD2. Go here for a good, well rounded review of these interesting new products.

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Phantasm66 said:
This is the best article I think I read today, I love these drives:[img]http://www.gamepc.com/images/labs/rev-opticalsat
-msifrontSM.jpg[/img]Look, isn't this amazing, look at all there is on the back of one of these things:[img]http://www.gamepc.com/images/labs/rev-opticalsat
-plexbackSM.jpg[/img]I think that is cool.Since purchasing a nice pair of SATA HDDs that I made into a RAID 1, I've really been thinking about going SATA crazy and getting SATA RAID 5 for my entire disk system.Naturally then, of course, you need to be getting DVD-RW and DVD-ROM as SATA as well.Do you get PSUs that only have the SATA power connectors?
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Well, the downside is that most mainboards have only two SATA connectors, and you can only plug one device to one connector.
Phantasm66 said:
Yeah, but motherboards are starting to come out with more, and you can get SATA RAID controller cards that take 8 devices no problem.I plan on buying such a device, but only for 4 way RAID 5. Not 8 - I think that's totally overkill and probably makes a rackett and is hard to look after, RAID 5 or no. 4 devices will do me.
erickdj said:
my thermaltake power supply comes with SATA power connectors out of the box.
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