Xbox 2 in May?

By Derek Sooman on February 1, 2005, 1:25 PM
Microsoft's next generation Xbox, which goes by the codename of Xenon, could well be coming our way some time in May, according to sources. This comes at a time where Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all expected to release more powerful replacements for their current systems some time in the next year to 18 months.

It was widely expected that gamers would get a sneak preview of Xbox's successor at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March. But a Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed that it would not be at GDC.

It is
[now] thought that the machine may be unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, which takes place in May, according to a Reuters news agency report.

E3 concentrates on showing off the latest in gaming to publishers, marketers and retailers. The GDC is aimed more at game developers.

Details of the Xbox 2 are currently sketchy at best, with very little information being made available. Despite this, however, there are reports that major games companies are already working on titles, not just for Xbox 2, but for the other next-gen gaming consoles due out soon as well. More on this when we know more.

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---agissi--- said:
Hah, I dont know what your source was for this artical, but PS3 [b]will not[/b] be here in may.. no way, no how.Oh just read the artical that you linked to, a prototype will be shown at E3, the system wont be here in may. If its just now getting shown, give it another year+, which is what I was expecting anyways.
Nic said:
PS3? This article is about XBox2...
Mikael said:
Perhaps, I'll have to find a contact at Microsoft so I can take a look and interview some people about the Xbox 2.
GlobalSYS said:
The REALLY BIG story that's not being touted so far is that Microsoft's "XNA" development platform will allow content developers to simultaneously build a game for the Xbox 2 and PC Market. In other words, publish a disk that will run on both PC's and Xbox 2 consoles. If you are familiar with how great XBox Live is, then imagine what it will be like when PC Gamers the world over can link up and play online with Game Console users. Not really a big deal for the PC Gamers but it's absolutely staggering implications for the Console users. Microsoft will become the central HUB for Live Gamers Worldwide and the PS3 & Nintendo Consoles will not be invited to the party. Market timing will give Microsoft up to a full year head start for grabbing Market Share. Live Gaming and Content Downloading is where it's at! Period! Well, add to that the likelihood that Xbox 2 (future models) will probably incorporate a TV Tuner / DVR Function plus CD/DVD Burning. Oh yea, wireless LAN connectivity to your Home's Wireless Broadband Network and optional Wireless Keyboard for surfing the net on your Hi-Def TV! TOO COOL! I can't Wait!
---agissi--- said:
Yea but with 2 or 3 good games, whos there to play? All the Halo junkies ofcourse.
GlobalSYS said:
[b]Originally posted by ---agissi---:[/b][quote]Yea but with 2 or 3 good games, whos there to play? All the Halo junkies of course.[/quote]Millions more PC Gamers entering the Xbox Live Gaming Arena will no doubt broaden the possibilities including many new titles already in development using "XNA". "Halo Junkies"? Maybe, but every Gamer, even PC Gamers has their favorites. The point is this. Sony & Nintendo simply won't have an established base of ready players available that can compare. Console sales are already starting to be driven by their online capabilities. XBox 2 will be tough to beat in that respect. The platform is what's truly important going forward.
godataloss said:
I hardly think that it will be important to console players for them to be able to play with their PC bretheren, and few PC game developers will be willing to had over the reins of their online games to MS as they require with LIVE!The purpose of Xbox2 is the same as Xbox1- as the PC and Home Theater/Entertainment Center merge MS wants to ensure that its still all under the Windows umbrella.
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