X-Box 360: $299 and $399

By Justin Mann on August 17, 2005, 11:44 AM
Microsoft will be releasing two versions of the Xbox 360. There is a $299 version, which is in all respects but one is the same as the other. It does not have a hard drive or a few of the accessories. The $399 'Premium' version will come with a 20GB HDD Drive, and a wireless controller, a headset, ethernet cable, and a wireless remote. It remains to be seen if you can add a hard drive yourself after purchase of the system, though likely this will be frowned upon either way by Microsoft. $399 does seem a bit steep for a console, but then again this is an initial release. It will likely drop in price after a few months.

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dragonpac said:
I don't see how it is steep at all. Actually I think its perfect.
sgt.bilbo said:
Yeah, but its still steep for those of us on a budget. My wife's already not happy with the cost, and I'm gonna be trading my Xbox and PSP in to get it, plus I'll be working a 2nd job this fall for Christmas. $399's a bit steep, considering the original Xbox released at $299 WITH the HDD already installed. I think its a bit of a low blow to release the system without the HDD at that price. HDD's aren't that much anymore, and to charge $100 for a 20 GB? Sorry...thats just low
Soul Harvester said:
$399 seems very steep to me. A console system that usually includes a sparse amount, if any, games bundled with it, for almost the price of an entire entry level computer? Add 5-6 games on top of that and you're looking at $700+ for a console that will only last a few years. $150 - 300 is much more reasonable, IMO.
smtkr said:
I think it is expensive. Factor in the next generation games price of at least 60 USD and your wallet will be running a little lean. It doesn't matter much to me anyway. I never buy first revision consoles anymore--they have too many bugs to work out. It's better to let the early adopters get screwed and pay too much and then pick up a console 18 months later for less (and pick up the initial hits at a great price).
asphix said:
I think its a great price. Look at inflation folks. Gas is around 2.60 a galon. Milk, food, everything else. I mean people have been spending 300-400 on an i-pod!!the 299 price was what I expected, but I wasnt expecting the HD cables. With the 399 price you get the HD cables, headset and a universal remote (things I didnt expect with the 299 bundle). That makes up the 100 extra bucks.I dont think its that bad, any price increase is because people WILL buy it. spending 400 on a console that will last you 5 years isnt that big of a hit in my opinion.
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