IBM chip slows down the speed of light

By Derek Sooman on November 3, 2005, 3:21 PM
IBM has developed a chip that slows down the speed of light. In a story that sounds more like something one would encounter in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, Big Blue has developed a chip that uses only a fraction of the energy and photonic silicon waveguide manages to achieve this great feat.

The chip works a bit like a speed camera. Light comes barrelling past at its normal 186,000 miles per second, jams on the anchors to one 1/300th of its normal speed as it passes by the holes and then speeds up again.

IBM says that the slower light pulses could carry data rapidly it could also be slowed further by applying an electric field to the waveguide.

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nimo333 said:
what's the importance of this?
Julio said:
"A number of companies and university researchers are currently tinkering with ways to replace the electronic components inside computers, which ferry signals with electrons, with optical technology. Optical equipment ferries data on photons, the smallest measure of light. Photons are far faster. More important, optical equipment generates less heat, curbing the growing problem of heat and power consumption."More here:[url],+readies+it+
Im all for progress. that sounds pretty sweet but it will prob be like 5 - 10 years after this really takes off to get all the companys to cooperate and get a working computer to all run off photons, ram, video card, MOTHERBOARD!!. thnx for clearing that up julio I was wondering what the significance was too
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