Song lyrics on websites needs jail time, says MPA

By Derek Sooman on December 12, 2005, 2:48 PM
Websites that contain song lyrics, guitar tabs and musical scores could soon be made severely punishable if US music publishers get their way. The Music Publishers' Association (MPA) is pushing for the imprisonment of owners of such websites, claiming that unlicensed publication is illegal. They believe that fining the owners of such sites is insufficient punishment, and that imprisonment is the only viable deterrent.

MPA president Lauren Keise said: 'throw in some jail time I think we'll be a little more effective'.
I think we can all appreciate the wisdom of throwing people who post song lyrics on the Net in jail, along with killers, thieves and rapists; it makes perfect sense. Alternatively, perhaps the MPA might consider pushing for the death penalty, as this will surely help curtail this horrendous and ungodly practice.

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Phantasm66 said:
What the hell is the world coming to? Why are we not concentrating on locking up complete psychos...[url]
m[/url]...than worrying about people posting song lyrics on some site. Man, get a hold of yourself Lauren.
Nic said:
Maybe the MPA would like to jail anyone found singing such lyrics to copyrighted songs?I can't see what is wrong with posting transcribed lyrics/music to songs that everyone can already hear on the radio etc. Reproducing original material without permission is a different matter, but surely documenting what is heard and making it available to others can't possibly be illegal. It's only someone's best guess at what they heard, and may or may not be completely accurate depending on the skill of the transcriber.
obsolete said:
Funny how the MPA is trying to redefine the Copyright Law, specifically the part about fair use.[url][/
rl] Unless someone is charging for the lyrics I donít see a problem.
mrw8 said:
Hey, the MPA is the most reputable business in the world. They would never do anything to adversely affect music. Music execs are notoriously saintly and this latest development just shows how committed they are to upholding the law. I know that I speak for all recording artists when I say that without the MPA music would only be known about in history books. No music executive has ever committed a crime. If anyone should cast the first stone, Lauren Keise should do it. God only knows that this woman has never LISTENED TO THE F-ING RADIO ONCE IN A WHILE and heard FREELY SHARED MUSIC.
a-lyric said:
It's worth pointing out that this is an intitiative of the MPA in the US, and that many people within the industry are against it for a number of reasons. One being that it just further bombs people's perception of the biz, and secondly that no-one within the industry is really doing anything about lyrics. So it's a question of "No. It's my ball. I'm not playing with it and I'm not letting you play either". As a lyricist, I think it's a terrible idea. We should be helping people enjoy music rather then thinking up new ways to limit them. The tab issue is different, in that there are actual music sheet books out there. And so there is a potential loss of revenue (although I haven't seen any research - maybe it exists).Michael[url][/url]
mrprimo55 said:
[b]Originally posted by mrw8:[/b][quote]God only knows that this woman has never LISTENED TO THE F-ING RADIO ONCE IN A WHILE and heard FREELY SHARED MUSIC.[/quote]I just want to point out that music heard on the radio isn't free. The station buys the song from the record company, and the advertisement agencies pay to get their adds played on the radio. They are all still making money, so it isn't like the record companies are losing money through the radio.I do agree with the point though, that the lyrics or tabs posted on the net are the work of the poster, not the artist. The person posting these is posting his or her own interpretations of the piece. Nothing is guaranteed because it isn't coming directly from the artist.
rob2000 said:
i think all albums should have the lyrics printed, and personally i dont think posting lyrics is wrong. it would be nice if the record labels did it for free, included in the outrageous prices for many cds. i guess ill just use those lyric finding programs until they shut those down to.when will they learn to start adapting to what the fans want and not attacking them.
dragonzaphod said:
Is this the begining of the end for band playing covers in clubs?Most bands starting to get in the scene has to be able to play songs that people know in order to get there first gigs.what will happen when they get on stage and play and play a cover?Will the MPA step in and say throw them and everyone in the club in jail.WOW! This is getting way out of hand.Hope it does not come to this.
phantasm66 said:
[b]Originally posted by a-lyric:[/b][quote]We should be helping people enjoy music rather then thinking up new ways to limit them. [/quote]A great point.
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