Google continues to expand

By Mikael Hoffman on December 17, 2005, 5:31 PM
Leading online search engine, Google is slated to open a new research and engineering office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania next year. The new office will create software search tools for Google and will be headed by a Carnegie Mellon University professor. Google also recently joined several other companies in backing a $7.5 million Internet research laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. Google currently has US facilities in Phoenix, New York, Santa Monica, CA and the main headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

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Subservient said:
Wow, I'm very impressed. In case you didn't know, the multi-million dollar search engine was invented and ran by a couple high school students. Who knew it would turn into this?Congrats boys!
blue_dragon said:
Eleventeen said:
Never thought something as big as Google would come to close to where I live. Im still amazed of how fast this company is expanding. Hopefully google will go out of their way to release a BPL internet service so my neighboorhood can finally get high speed internet connections.
cyrax said:
Very happy to hear this.I have been using google for god knows how long.Honestly, google has never lead me astray.go strong boys, go strong!
poertner_1274 said:
With as much money as they are making...I think they can afford this, and who knows where it will lead. Let's just hope they don't get too cocky about things.
Masque said: many here think Google is our next Microsoft? They're growing by leaps and bounds....making acquisitions by the score....sound familiar? Just my current train of thought. :)
poertner_1274 said:
I have been thinking along those lines, and I can almost guarantee you that is who they are shooting to overtake. I know if it was me, and I had the popularity of google, I would be shooting for the dominant market, and that's M$.
Bartzy said:
Google is also interested in Israel (where I live), and for my understanding they are developing new technologies and researches all over the world. I have been using Google for a few years now, and no doubt it's far better than its contenders.
smtkr said:
I use google for only three things: gmail, define:word in the search bar, and maps. All other services are aced by various other web sites. I'm still a big yahoo! user.
jomondo said:
Its sounds like our google buddies are trying to steer a little to the left, in the wake of the bias accusations.I mean come on, Carnegie Mellon University & Berkeley.I use Google because itís a great engine! Canít wait to get a look at the browser, with that google originality, it should be interesting.
mentaljedi said:
You can't really compare Goodle with Microsoft. MIcrosoft doesn't comapre to google. Microsoft honestly is rather boring. NEver anything new. But Google has a whole range of things, from a search engine to maybe a new browser? Then there is Google Earth (love it!) etc... Microsoft won't last long, especially if Google releases an OS in a couple of years. (Now that i have to see! Bloodshed between Google and Microsoft! Got to love it!)
tarun123v said:
This comapany is making heads turn for Microsoft,it is competing in free e-mail service with MSN mail,yahoo and it is trying its hands in messenger services(google talk)
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