Visto sues Microsoft

By Derek Sooman on December 18, 2005, 3:21 PM
Microsoft are back in the courts again, this time facing down with Mobile technology company Visto Corporation who has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft for alleged misuse of Visto's mobile e-mail technology. The company contends that Microsoft has knowingly infringed on three patents that they hold, concerning proprietary technology which enables users to access e-mail and other data from their mobile devices. The company claims that they developed and patented this technology a decade ago, and that Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0 is a blatant infringement on this patented technology.

Visto claims that Microsoft's bundling practices only make matters worse. By bundling its Outlook e-mail server with Windows Mobile 5.0, Visto says, Microsoft multiplies the instances of infringement of Visto's intellectual property.

The suit, which is drawing comparisons to NTP's suit against Research in Motion, was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

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mentaljedi said:
Is it me or is Microsoft running out of ideas?
Subservient said:
Is it me, or are you spamming to win that video card? If you read the rules, it says "Quality over Quantity"Anyways, Microsoft has always done small things like this and it ends up screwing them over. But Bill Gates does have the money and I guess he's just too lazy to work out a deal with these companies. As long as Microsoft is number one.... Infringment will be right along side them.
cyrax said:
Microsoft has gotten rich from using other people's ideas. When you come out with a brilliant its a shame you need to have at the back of your mind "i wonder if microsoft going to steal my idea". Shame on you microsoft.
Bartzy said:
[b]Originally posted by mentaljedi:[/b][quote]Is it me or is Microsoft running out of ideas?[/quote]Microsoft is not running out of ideas at all. They just have such a huge control over almost everything connected to computers and now even consoles. obviously Microsoft does not develop every little thing by itself, so sometimes they "slip" and someone is suing them :PMaybe sometimes those "slips" are not coincidental, but we cannot prove that, ah ?
PanicX said:
Check out the [url=]M
crosoft Hall of Innovations[/url] and be dazzled by the brain storming power they wield. You'll notice that Microsoft is a business and finds ideas that will turn a profit and obtain them however necessary. Sometimes blatent patent infringment is the most profittable route.
jettwo said:
The key words are "Visto claims". No one has proven Microsoft has done anything wrong. Yeah, Bill Gates did screw someone years ago, but most of the lawsuits filed now are for monopolization; If you can't beat-em, sue-em lawsuits. I like Linux, OSX, etc, but where would technology be without Microsoft? Not to mention the general home PC user, Microsoft and their Windows have made the world of computing a much more user-freindly place to live.
sngx1275 said:
I saw the headline and immediately thought Visto was pissed Microsoft named something Vista.
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