White Wolf Publishing website hacked

By Derek Sooman on December 21, 2005, 5:55 AM
White Wolf Publishing, who are behind the "World of Darkness" role-playing games, has had their website hacked into. Hackers were able to exploit a flaw in the company's software, resulting in the theft of user data. As usual in these kinds of attacks, the Hackers then threatened to expose the user data on the internet if they are not paid a ransom. The FBI is currently investigating.

"We have no intention of paying this money, and (we) are in contact with the FBI in an attempt to bring these criminals to justice," the company said. "We are choosing to make this public so that our users and fans can take any precautions needed to protect themselves. We are recommending that if you have used your White Wolf password as the password for any other services you use on the internet, that you change them immediately."

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cyrax said:
Dear god. They are are actually blackmailing them? Perhaps they can use the community like valve did to narrow the search to find who and where they are. A heist like this must be circling around with their boasts. i hope they find them
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
Stuff like this needs to happen once in a while so that we are constantly reminded that no matter how secure we are and how smart we think we are, there's always someone smarter out there. Regarding White Wolf, thats a very dire situation and I hope the guys responsible are brought to justice.
nimo333 said:
I doubt that these hackers will list the user data even if they didn't get paid.
nathanskywalker said:
wowsers, think i'll get rid of my conquer online account now lol. Well, that should give the FBI something to think about; however, wonder what they are going to do if they do catch the hackers..
mentaljedi said:
These hackers are smart, but no very bright. If i was them, i would post it as soon as they know they won't get paid and cover their tracks. But obviously, they won't and so they will be locked up and have twice the number of people chanting their names as if they were martyrs.
PanicX said:
Odd coincidence that my post in the guidance security article [url=http://www.techspot.com/news/19828-hackers-compromise-g
idance-software-systems.html]guidance security article[/url] referenced the issue of companies not hashing username and passwords. So now that they're data is compromised, their users now need to rush around and change their password if they used the same one for multiple sites.
Bartzy said:
PanicX, you are completely right. hashing passwords is so easy and it's a must for basic security. I don't get it. They didn't even use MD5 or something ? So stupid... I hope they will learn from this and start building a better, secured service.BTW The story is pretty funny - blackmailing a software company for their user data in some game. What did they think they'll get ?
barfarf said:
I like White Wolf being an ex gamer of role playing games back in the day. I am just suprise that someone hacked them. I mean role player gamers are a total loyal sub-culture. Let them loose and they will hunt down the hackers. MAybe even cast some spells on them or turn them into werewolves. =)
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