Intel to push Conroe forward, 965 back

By Justin Mann on December 21, 2005, 8:47 PM
In a potentially exciting move, one that Intel has not yet confirmed, it's said that the release of the 965 chipset will be slightly delayed, and the release of the “Conroe” core may come much earlier than expected, perhaps before the second half of next year. With Intel having left the entry level market, the chipsets they introduce are more likely to be geared towards performance machines and higher end office equipment, and it will be interesting to see how the 965 compares to nForce 4 and the other new chipsets such as ATI's. Originally, 965 was going to launch midway through next year anyways, so there is not much of a difference there, but Conroe wasn't expected not until the end of next year, even though the existing 955 and coupling processors have been available for quite some time now. The original story is available at Digitimes.

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MonkeyMan said:
Awesome, that sounds like an awesome chip, now, one must wonder what AMD is going to release to compete with intel on this new technology.
Bartzy said:
AMD is not competing with Intel. It's on aonther level. AMD's AM2 will be a big hit on Intel's technology, while Dual core AMD's will be much cheaper and affordable.965 chipset is indeed a nice advancement, but Intel should also release entry and mainstream products. It's nice to hear from now and then about a performance beast, but actually, most of the profits are made from the lower levels...
asphix said:
Intel needs to start turning up the heat if they want to keep their market dominance. AMD has shown time and time again that their products are quality and deserve attention.My most recent chips have been Intel, but I think my next rig will be AMD just to see whats on that side of the fence. It does seem that the P4 has been out for ages. It sort of irks me that Intel hasnt pushed to something new in 5+ years. Just slight modivications and tweaks to what already exists.
Kev_Boy said:
Intel has indeed been doing poorly for the past year or 2, and let's hope this will get them back in the game next year. Because tight competition is always good for the consumers!
MonkeyMan said:
[b]Originally posted by Bartzy:[/b][quote]AMD is not competing with Intel. It's on aonther level[/quote]I second that bud, its a war between these two giants, and AMD is definately intels competition. Well the big thing that makes AMD is their lower prices than Intel, and their use of effective products. But do not count Intel out of the picture by no means necessary, for they do have the ability to compete with AMD.
mentaljedi said:
Though i believe Intel still has better products, AMD is catching up very very fast. Mindblowingly compared to many companies, and Intel isn't doing a thing about it!
PUTALE said:
i am really excited to see what intel will bring to the market next year as it seems like after 3 years or so of catching up with amd, it finally will have some good chip.
mirob said:
Intel is poised for the one two punch here, 65nm, then 45nm. AMD is is ahead now with core design, but don't have the resources to keep up. Yonah is good, but it is not Memron. Just like Northwood is not Prescott. Yonah keeps up with AMD's best without the i975x.
PUTALE said:
yeah, next year would be an interesting year to watch intel bring their goodies out. So far from what I have seen, amd has not planning anything major in the next year.
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