R580 and X1900 here as soon as January, perhaps

By Justin Mann on December 23, 2005, 10:56 AM
According to ATI's word, the long anticipated R580, based on a 90nm process, is set to be here as soon as this January. The Radeon X1900 is the first such card planned using the R580, which will bring things like Shader Model 3.0 support and Avivo. Some are worried, though, that like other recent launches from ATI, it will be a paper launch, with the actual product not being available for quite some time. There's also the continuing problem of ATI's supply, something they claimed was no longer a problem. And while we may be lucky and see the X1900 in January, we may only see standard cards, and not master cards, being made available. Hopefully, though, ATI will be able to follow through on this coming announcement.

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barfarf said:
1st whoooooooooooooo!!!! - Who is dad man. Hammer time!! da-na-na. Shessh another paper launch I get tired of these un-launches. We need no stink'n. paper launches! =)It sort of like how you can buy a 2006 car in the Summer time of 2005. Companies just keep moving up the dates to make it look its the newest and most cutting edge.-barf[Edited by barfarf on 2005-12-23 11:54:42]
vigilante said:
Like most things in life, I wouldn't go running out and buy the very first production model. Let them fix bugs first, fix drivers, stabalize it, let prices drop. Then think about getting one.When it actually hits stores, let others be the beta testers, I'd wait a good 6 months easy.
asphix said:
yeah.. coming in January really means "readily available sometime after May"Vigilante, thats always the safe approach.. but then you're not on the cutting edge. I'm not saying you'd even want to be, its really a subjective decision.I like to have the newest thing possible that will run games and software better than anyone else (even if thats only for 3-6 months). I dont mind if it has bugs as usually with graphics cards most those issues are resolved in future driver releases.But as I said, very subjective and many factors influence the final decision. Lets see if Nvidias bar-setting release over the summer holds true to the future.
mtyson8 said:
But didnt the X1800 just come out? Why would we be so lucky to see the X1900 come out in Jan? I still havent even seen an x1800 XT on the shelves. IT would be better for it to hit the stores in June or July, as it would give people a chance to absorb the x1800s.
PanicX said:
ATI is normally very good with release timing to counter nVidia releases. It may just be that they're trying to steal the spotlight from an [url=http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/News/Details.aspx?NewsI
=15723]nVidia release[/url] they know is coming.
mtyson8 said:
Thats true PanicX. Also the 7800GTs just came out too!
Masque said:
I'm never first in for new technology....got better uses for my money. I can wait....so can my wallet. ;-)
mtyson8 said:
True. I usually buy cards a year after they come out, the price drops by half. For instance, the X850(pro or XT PE) was the best thing out in DEC04-Jan05. But it cost $400-500! Now you can get one for $200-225, and now the X1800s are $500!! By DEC06 the 1800s will be $200. And, youre basically paying for extra power you dont quite need yet("yet" meaning less than a year, cause gaming graphics are changing at an ever so high rate). Any third best card or second best card(today are the Geforce 6800s and x800s) can play any current game with no problem.
nathanskywalker said:
Let us hope that actually launches, heh, means faster cards will become cheaper, yay! Also, avivo sounds nice; however, here, i don't have the money for that...
Chamot said:
I thought both SM3.0 and avivo support were already available in the current X1K cards?
otmakus said:
I think this is just a hype created by ATI because its hastily launched X1800 was proven to be no match to nvidia's 7800. ATI always launched its products a long while before the products were really available. And then the products would be so rare and expensive that everyone eventually bought a GeForce.
PUTALE said:
alreayd 1900, ati is on a roll after the long waited 1800. I wonder what new feature would this card brings and how much more performance it can crank up.
mentaljedi said:
Boring. Another paper launch. I can't be bothered with this. Just go onto Amazon or whatever, and see what's out. THen buy what you tink is resonable. Forget this wishful thinking of buying 300 euro cards, not even master, lots of buys and most can't even afford it. That's a whol computer 500. I mean, come on!
MonkeyMan said:
Well I have to agree with some of you in that you should wait until the bugs are ironed out, or else, you will be very frustrated lol. I think its great that Radeon is coming out with a new Video card. Its a + in my book.Good job Radeon
otmakus said:
The new X1900 will be so expensive, rare, and useless for 99% of us because there are no games currently available which can maximize the card.The first buyers of this card will buy it more for the pride of having one, not for its usefulness.
PUTALE said:
although it maybe paper launch, but I guess it's nice to see some competition with nvidia. I like some of the multimedia feature in the ati's cards (which I think nvidia need to work harder to bring it in their cards as well).
Bartzy said:
War time. ATI is going to give a huge blow to Nvidia with the R580. And some people said it's only rumours.... I think G71 would not be able to compete against the R580. It is just too good and too strong.
PUTALE said:
looking at the specs, I think ati do have better specs than nvidia, but I think nvidia do have the advantage of better dual cards (sli) than ati. Ati need to promote their crossfire in order to really beat nvidia. I wonder what new stuff do the G71 will brings. Hopefully both companies will have someghint atht's more affordable yet offers good performance.
mirob said:
Ooh how I need a new video card, this may just be it. By the time I save up two or three hundred it will be in my price range.
brownpaper said:
Somehow, I feel this might be just a paper launch like the R520 was. There were not many R520s to be found until several months after 'the launch.' Hopefully the R580 will not cost $700 like the Nvidia 7800GTX.
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