Call of Duty 2 gains SMP and dual-core support

By Justin Mann on December 26, 2005, 5:09 AM
We all love it when we get brand spanking new hardware for presents to tackle the newest games. It's even better, though, when software is written to take advantage of our good hardware in the first place. Games are still almost overwhelmingly single-threaded, so the advantage of having a dual-core processor isn't realized with games. Courtesy of Intel, Call of Duty 2 now takes advantage of dual core, hyperthreading and multi-CPU systems. This 1.01 patch is available anywhere, and in most of the supported languages. Though it was a patch written by Intel, it will still offer benefits if you are using an X2 system. Benchmarks aren't yet available on how much of a boost it will give us.

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otmakus said:
Wow, Call of Duty 2 is one of a few modern games still playable in older machine, and now they also make it so that it can optimize high end machine? If only FEAR can do that too...
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
Excellent! Finally, there is some use for the guys out there who have X2s and P4 D series CPUs. Hope this is extended to other games as well.
Crofty74 said:
Lets hope other games start to follow in this general direction rather than complaining about dual core.
Eleventeen said:
If more games keep this up I might actually go out and buy a Dual core processor. I wonder how much this will boost performance though. Even if it don't give you that much of a difference, this is good that games are going into this direction, or atleast this game is. I guess I'll just wait for those benchmarks to come out and see before I think about upgrading.
Bartzy said:
I don't say it much, but... Great work Intel !It didn't give anything special for Intel, because they made it for AMD's Dual Cores too...Call of duty 2 is one of the most stressing benchmark for every system, and optimizing it is a great way of getting better performance.
swker98 said:
now if they could just make battlefield 2 and farcry take advantage of 64-bit and duel core technolgy
MonkeyMan said:
I've always wanted to play call of Duty 2, but I'm not even sure if its released yet lol. I am sure this will be a positive, because I just don't see how you can go wrong with the dual core processor. Faster and better, is always the way to go in the software industry!!!!!!!! Well Intel, I'm currently married to AMD, so I don't know if I would want a one night stand, or a commitment, besides AMD would kill me if they found out I was seeing you. (Who knows, maybe I can get a discount on some software lol).
nimo333 said:
Yep I saw the latest patch on filefront. This is a very cool thing that EA have done. Yea, I think it's time to get BF2 dual core technology (at least for BF2 servers) so maybe that 250 players can play without a problem on one BF2 server. That would be sweet.
Rod_Massoudi said:
Awwww - that's simply amazing. This is hands down the dawning of a new era of gaming. Something tells me, if CoD2 is able to utilize Dual-Core capabilities through the presence of a patch, it could be very feasible that MMORPGS like WoW will be able to utilize this as well, making game play all the better. Who knows, I could just be dreaming :) Don't wake me though - it's bliss.
mentaljedi said:
Intel has done something interesting for achange. Who knows, amybe Intel has finally woken up to the world?
brownpaper said:
It would be nice if Call of Duty 2 fixed some more of its bugs. Those crashes are getting annoying.
mtyson8 said:
I think its a good thing because games have to utilize new technology anyways. BUT, its a bad thing, in the sense that games soon will be made so advanced, that a dual core will be almost required for optimal use with these advanced games, BUT, then the single core machines will suffer, and we will be brought into a new era very soon.
firebirdbandit said:
Great game but I think they should also improve the online gaming community for that game.
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