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By Derek Sooman on December 26, 2005, 6:58 AM
UK broadband usage is up! The latest National Statistics monthly update to the survey of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has shown that in October of this year, broadband connections formed 58.9 per cent of all Internet connections. This is an increase up from 57.3 per cent in September 2005. Dial-up connections have continued to decline, and now make up 41.1 per cent of all Internet connections.

Broadband connections continued to increase their market share and made up 58.9 per cent of all connections in October 2005, up from 57.3 per cent in September 2005. There was a year on year increase of 60.1 per cent, with a monthly increase of 3.6 per cent in October 2005.

Dial-up connections continued to decrease, with a year on year fall to October 2005 of 29.1 per cent. The monthly decrease, from September to October 2005, was 3.3 per cent.

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otmakus said:
Broadband internet will only get more and more widely used, because it keeps getting cheaper and faster than ever. However, a not-so-fast 384 kbps DSL connection in my country (from the one and only DSL provider) costs more than 400$/month, now how's that?
PUTALE said:
the price of broadband has drop so much to the level of affordable, but unfortunately it 's not that widely available everywhere. I think each country need to push for more broadband service center as well as maybe satellite for the remote areas.
Bartzy said:
400$ per month for a 384kbps ? I have 1.5Mbps and it costs me 20$ a month, and it's quite expensive because I live in Israel. Where do you live ?People still use Dial-ups ?! Why ? Broadband is such more effective and it's just better. USP's have more broadband packages than dial-ups...
otmakus said:
I live in Indonesia, and the only DSL provider is the government owned phone company, that should explain it...Oh, and most of the time, the so called "384 kbps ultra fast connection" only get to about 100 or so kbps. The dial up internet fee here is about 1$ per hour. Compared to the 400$ DSL, people who only use internet to check their emails once a week (a vast majority of internet user) obviously choose dial up.
MonkeyMan said:
Broadband is the only way to go for me. Dial up is kind of slow, and it takes forever sometimes to load sites. Also, when ppl call your telephone, it messes up your connection. But I'm all for Broadband, keep getting cheaper and faster!!!!!!!!! yeh baby!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!
Mictlantecuhtli said:
The number of broadband connections increased during the year.. wow, that's news, I expected people to go back to dialup :P
nimo333 said:
Yep, me too, I'll never go back to dial up. If it's not faster than 2Mbps of download and of 380kbps of upload then I won't join that company.
Eleventeen said:
Ah, lucky people, everyone I talk to has cable. Im stuck with dialup, I live too far out in the country for the cable line to come to our house. I dont know why they dont just hook up the line, theres about 10 people here who want it. Oh well, glad to see most of the people are turning away from dialup.
Phantasm66 said:
[b]Originally posted by Mictlantecuhtli:[/b][quote]The number of broadband connections increased during the year.. wow, that's news, I expected people to go back to dialup :P[/quote]The point is that people are moving away from dial-up gradually, you sarcastic man. ;)
nathanskywalker said:
well, where i live, there is only one broadband provider...sprint...bleche. They charge $50 a month for the 150kb down option/the 1.5mbs one. So we have that, otherwise it would be dialup, about 50.2k at best. So yeah, Broadband is still a little expensive in someplaces, but worth least when your parents are paying the bills...
PUTALE said:
yeah, i know it sucks to go back to dialup if you have used broadband:). I know I can't live without my broadband
asphix said:
I wonder what effect the x360 will have on broadband subscribers throughout Europe. I'm not sure it will have a significant effect here in the U.S. as most people will already have broadband.In europe though, if the x360 continues to grow in popularity with its new games it could very well push these numbers even higher. Add to that the affordable revolution when that comes and numbers should go even higher!
Crofty74 said:
Seemed to take forever for the UK to get Broadband, we were way behind and still are as far as I am concerned with many other countries.Would be interesting to see how many of these figures actually related to extended coverage broadband services.
Rod_Massoudi said:
I'm glad - not only does this mean that technology is improving, but it's being more widely available to consumers all over because of the affordable prices. As more people begin to utilize broadband, online games will begin to do away with significant amounts of lag and so on and so forth... making games all that much more entertaining. Also if broadband becomes the standard, it drives innovators to provide faster and faster services for affordable prices in order to stay ahead of the competition.
mentaljedi said:
The UK wasn't that hot on broadband because many people who could use it... didn't want to use it. I mean, by dad didn't star tusing email till 2001 i think. They were scared beacuse it was still quite expensive a lil wile back but now, thanks to the intervention of us young people, we have broadband and we have taught ou rparents just how EASY it is (as somebody can do it for u!) lol
geforcemaniac said:
I got broadband last June and I was practically the only person I knew who had it! But ever since lots and lots of people in my area have been upgrading: joining the true internet revolution!!!!!!!!
Stef_2u said:
ppl in uk were slow to use broadband because BT owned all the phone lines and charged customers and internet companies stupid amounts it wasn't till AOL took them to court & sued them for over pricing, that broadband became cheaper, otherwise we'd still be getting ripped off by BT, well asuming you couldn't get cable as its the cheapest cos no charge for phone line and much faster speeds....Virgin Rules 20mbps for less the price i payed for 1mbps 3years ago
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