Sony rootkit CDs still on sale over Xmas

By Derek Sooman on December 28, 2005, 3:35 PM
What did you get for Xmas, then? New mobo? Digital camera? Gift certificate for a games store? Well, if you were anything like me you got socks and aftershave, but if so then never mind, Sony has a very special present for you - a rootkit installed on your machine.

I know this is old news, but really itís still appropriate I think for us to take a moment to really thank Sony for continuing to sell spyware infected music in the pre-christmas rush. Now, the company has claimed that they have recalled the CDs which are loaded with spyware, but according to the Consumerist magazine, a lot of US stores still had Sony CDs on the shelves that had the XCP rootkits selling on the run up to Xmas. Seemingly, shop managers were saying that they were still allowed to sell them.

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MarkSizzle said:
Sony is stupid! Why did they have the crap on there in the first place? Its just becoming more of a hassle for everyone. Everyone includes me also since I have been "infected" by those dumb root kits and my comp is pretty much done. THANKS AGAIN SONY, STUPID MORONS!
phantasm66 said:
This has (deservedly) gotten a very great deal of bad press.
Eleventeen said:
Just what people always wanted, a rootkit for Christmas. Sony really needs to get their act together and stop this. It is getting really annoying and it makes me sick. Hopefully nobody is going to follow in Sony's tracks and take things to the extreme just to stop copying music.
phantasm66 said:
I don't think, though, that they quite get the idea that they can't mess with your machine to protect intellectual property rights, and its likely that they will try this again.
Crofty74 said:
If any shop manager said what they did in this case I would never shop at their store again.Too many people seem to not take this seriously enough.
kokomen said:
These people make things wrong again. I dont think that this way will be the right way. Nobody wants to pay for something dont want.
barfarf said:
What Sony did reminds of what TurboTax did a few years ago. They added secret spyware called C-Dilla which like Sony was to help prevent illegal copies. In reality it caused computer problems and result in a backlash from their customers similar to the root kit scandal. Too bad Sony didnít not learn from TurboTaxís mistakes. You can read more about it hereÖ.[url],1697,821479
DragonMaster said:
What are you waiting from a company that put timers in their A/V equipment that make them break at the end of the warranty?And from a company that almost always tell that it's not a mfg. problem if they break(You have to pay even if it's still under warranty)?Also from the company that makes almost the worst equipment for the highest price compared to competition?Since Sony stopped to mfg. in Japan(Almost 10 years), they bulid crap. It coincides with the entry of a new president...
asphix said:
This sucks for those who got them, but it gives a whole other perspective to the idea: "be a bad kid and get coals in your stocking for christmas.."or however it goes. Rootkit = 21st century coal
kimala-acer said:
I am lucky I am boycoting Toshiba's and Sony's now. I've had a very bad experience with these 2 company's.
DragonMaster said:
The biggest ones are always the worst. Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Toshiba, etc.
luismigilbert said:
yeah... i got socks and aftershave... a shirt too... no sata HD... no 1gb ram... maybe a geforce from techspot :)sony selling's funny
dbuske said:
From what I read alot of companies do the same thing. Why haven't the others been exposed and charged?
mentaljedi said:
I got... a jumper and 20 euros. Wwhat would be really nice is a Geforce... *Hint, Hint* As for Sony, what do you expect? The bigger they get, the more their ego grows and the more paranoid they get. As Palpatine says, "He became so powerful, all he was afraid of was losing his power which of course he did." Hopefully Sony will get its act together and stop become the next tragedy of the 21st century next to Iraq.
geforcemaniac said:
Where these infected pcs ever in the UK?
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