VIA and SiS plan to release Vista-ready chipsets

By Justin Mann on December 28, 2005, 10:45 AM
SiS and VIA are both gearing up for a launch of Vista-compatible chipsets, both with native support for Direct X 9.0 for the video components, which Vista of course will require to be able to make use of the newer display enhancements. SiS will be offering the SiS770 and SiS670 for AMD and Intel processors respectively, the AMD chipset being available 1Q 2006 and the other during 3Q 2006. Vista is not due for release until the end of next year, giving plenty of time for SiS to supply the market. VIA will be offering the PM890 and K8M890 chipsets around the same time, early next year.

Both of those vendors will feature, at least in particular configurations, onboard video, which Microsoft has mentioned that people should move away from. That isn't exactly easy when the majority of offices make use of it, but with hardware DX9 support in chipsets from Intel, VIA and SiS who by and large produce an overwhelming majority of integrated video for newer boards, Vista should have some wiggle room.

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luismigilbert said:
i don't like sis...but it's a well move from both (via and sis)
PUTALE said:
Vista ready. That's interesting. It seems like everything that's coming out or came out in last few month are all labeled as vista ready. The truth is I thought almost everything that was like a year ago should be vista ready. I think besides the Dx9 requirement that's known, htere's not much known about the requirement of Vista. Most of the gfx card should be fine with vista.
vnf4ultra said:
By saying they are gearing to make vista compatible chipsets, does that mean current chipsets aren't vista compliant? So will vista work on nforce4 or intel 945 chipsets? Or is it referring to the integrated graphics in the chipset? Confusing. Vista better be good with all the requirements it has, or no one will want it.
asphix said:
By vista-ready chipsets I believe they are reffering to motherboards utilizing on-board video. Most PC's shipped by dell, gateway, compaq and the like utilize on-board video to save money. None of these cards are DX.9 compatable and could never dream of running Vista without a new vid card. My bet is dell will soon be shipping PC's with these new chipsets labeling them as "vista-ready" as a way of pushing more expensive sales before they're really needed and as a way to categorize and describe the increased price for those who are technologically challanged.
mentaljedi said:
I hate microsoft for doing this. I mean, i don't know if i should buy a new laptop now, next month, next year if ever? Or even acomputer or what? seems like every time i buy something new, the next month somtehing else is released that makes mine pratically obsolite. (It happened when my dad bought a Pc and a month later XP was released *sigh*)
PanicX said:
There's no big deal in buying an XP PC now, if you need it get it. Don't wait on MS, they've already pushed this OS back over a year and have had to drop support for things like WinFS to get a 2006 launch date. The problem I see here is that Microsoft is now competing against itself on the desktop OS platform. There are more windows 98 and windows NT installs out there than any other OS and Microsoft needs to convince these users to upgrade. Unfortunately it doesn't make much sense to upgrade if you need a whole new computer.
Bartzy said:
PanicX, how do you know that there are more win 98/NT than XP's ? I think you are wrong. Everywhere you go now you can see a Windows XP installed. Anyway, I dont think buying a SiS product is a smart move. VIA is much better, and the price is not higher. Buying an integrated video card is a good compromise for offices, but I didn't understand why current onboard video cards cannot handle Vista. Anyone for the rescue ? :)
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
But since Vista is coming with Direct X10, won't providing DirectX 9.0 support onboard be useless, since DirectX 10 will reportedly only be able to utilize DirectX 9.0 features through a software layer? Or will VIA and SiS release chipsets with DirectX 10 support when the technology becomes fully available?
dbuske said:
Sis makes pretty much low end motherboards. And I would hope the people who visit this site already know not to purchase on-board video. Slow, slow , slow.
DragonMaster said:
SiS is low end and they make the XBox 360 chipset. 360 doesn't seem a big deal...
PanicX said:
[b]Originally posted by Bartzy:[/b][quote]PanicX, how do you know that there are more win 98/NT than XP's ? [/quote]Actually, you're right, I'm wrong with those numbers. I had read a report in the past year that stated something along the lines of corporations still have a large 98 and NT installation base and haven't upgraded. Unfortunately I don't remember where I read that, however, the latest market research shows XP has the greatest market share. [url=]w3
chools statistics[/url]
DragonMaster said:
We still have Win95 almost everywhere at school... There are also some XP and 98SE computers.
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