Xbox overheating solved

By Derek Sooman on January 2, 2006, 10:45 AM
The Inquirer has an article claiming that a liquid cooling solution for the Xbox360 is now available. Seemingly, Microsoft had quite a few reports about the tendency of the Xbox to overheat, and CoolIT Systems has designed a product that will provide a state-of-the-art liquid-chilled system for the new console.

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Bartzy said:
So to install this cooling system users need to open the Xbox-360's case, right? Does it cancel the warranty? I think that if something will go wrong, stores won't be happy to see a liquid cooling system installed on the machine. They'll say instantly that it ruined everything or something. Anyway, if Xbox has overheating problems, Microsoft should solve it, nobody else. If someone buys a console , he wants it to work as it should and definetely not buy a pricey cooling system. Another reason for waiting to Sony's PS3 ?
MonkeyMan said:
I do believe that the PS3 will be better, and actually free of errors, when it is released into the retail market. The main reason why these errors are happening, is because Microsoft rushed this system to store shelves, in an attempt to gain high profits during the holidays. They also did this, to eliminate a fraction of the competition from sony. I believe that the PS3 will reign supreme, once again, as the dominant console, in the gaming industry.
Eleventeen said:
Yeah, I really hope that the PS3 will be much better then the Xbox 360. I guess Microsoft thinks they are so good because they can put a product on the line before another company can. Almost all the time, their plan backfires, with numerous errors and problems, as it did in the Xbox 360. Sony's PS3 will hopefully have all their errors sorted out, just because they are taking an extra year to release it.
otmakus said:
Will we get any performance boost for using this cooling sytem? I don't think so. PC users who use water cooling system usually do that because they intend to OC their rigs. Any consumer products sold should be working without any other modification, and Xbox is no exception. Otherwise, MS should say in the manual that there is a risk the Xbox will overheat, and to eliminate the risk consumers have to use extra cooling system, which is not included in the package.Another mess from our favorite company? It seems they just can't do anything right, beside crushing their competitors.
luismigilbert said:
how long do you have to play till x box gets too hot??
mentaljedi said:
[b]Originally posted by luismigilbert:[/b][quote]how long do you have to play till x box gets too hot??[/quote]I think when you press the power button it does. :-) But i have to say that tMicrosoft should be doing it, and not any other 3rd party.
nathanskywalker said:
heya, well liquid cooling, ouch! expensive. I hear that Microsoft already lost money on the xbox, sold them for $300, but they really cost $400. Whether or not that is accurate i do not know, but, well, have fun microsoft.
Kaleid said:
There have been news stories about the production actually costing $715 each. So even a bigger loss (if accurate), but of course MS have longterm goals they want to reach, with gaming being a larger industry over movies after all.
boril said:
[b]Originally posted by Kaleid:[/b][quote]There have been news stories about the production actually costing $715 each. So even a bigger loss (if accurate), but of course MS have longterm goals they want to reach, with gaming being a larger industry over movies after all.[/quote]Yes same story like cheap ink-jet printer :) You get it very cheap, but then you pay lot of money for cartridges ;)[Edited by boril on 2006-01-02 21:32:05]
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
Dumb but unaviodable coz there are ppl out there who need to play their games and are willing to pay for such cooling systems. So it will most likely catch on. But it would have improved MS's reputation if they would have joined up with a company like Thermaltake to design a cooling system for the Xbox 360, that would then be bundled with it.
Kaleid said:
[b]Originally posted by boril:[/b][quote][b]Originally posted by Kaleid:[/b][quote]...[/quote]Yes same story like cheap ink-jet printer :) You get it very cheap, but then you pay lot of money for cartridges ;)[Edited by boril on 2006-01-02 21:32:05][/quote]Yeah. And I remember the Neo Geo console. Each game cost more than a SNES + a game.
raystorm said:
HA! Yea..those NeoGeo cartridges were (and still are I suppose if you are a collector) insanely expensive!I think I'll wait until MS comes up with any solution in case this overheating problem becomes an epidemic with users. Microsoft has plenty of money and I doubt they even care if they lose a ton of cash on the 360. They will do whatever it takes to be #1. We'll see what happens with Sony releases the PS3.
DragonMaster said:
M$ can't really come with a solution as the only thing I can think about is water-cooling and it's a bit unrealistic to even think a commercial unit can come with water-cooling. Do you think the Average Joe could use water-cooling? If they ever mess things up with water I just can imagine what will happen.
barfarf said:
Sure MS can create a solution. They can do small tweak or new revision that has slightly updated motherboard layout, or one with a fan or a better heatsink. Auto companies do thing all the time with car production. They tweak the same year/model/make car a little as it comes off the production line in response to feed back from the intial run. Hoping they can avoid unhappy customers and worse of all recalls.
DragonMaster said:
But Xbox 360 runs way too hot so they'll have to release a case being twice the size to solve it or something like this.
zachig said:
Sounds stupid to me, that you have to watercool your console. What will be next? Overclocking the console?
CoLD_SToRAGE said:
Come on guys, do we all really have such short memories? Something like this happens all the time with the release of a new hotly anticipated product. Especially games consoles. Anyone remember the overheating problems the first PlayStations had? The dodgy DVD drives in the first Xbox? The poor DVD playback and crashing with the PS2? The screens on iPod Nano's?They all get fixed pretty quickly and soon no one remembers them. Microsoft will probably in the short term adjust the heatsink slightly - maybe change the material, change the shape/density of the fins. They'll also probably change the cooling fan, get a quieter faster spinning fan. might cost a $ or two more per unit but its par for the course.Then in a little while they are going to go through a die shrink to 65nm, all of a sudden it wont run hot, and it wont be noisy, and we'll all forget about it. Then we'll all start complaining again when the PS3 is noisy, or hot, or both, and that it's incompatible with some early HDCP displays or something. Then they'll fix it, we'll forget.Wait 5 years for the new consoles - lather, rinse, repeat. The watercooling does look funky though!!!P.S. Nintendo seem to have a pretty good track record at launching solid euipment, I cant think of a of a bad launch off the top of my head........
Arcanum said:
I'm backing up every word that Cold_storage has said, absolutely true, if he hadn't said I would've said it...All of the consoles suffered these kind of problems with theirs initial version, however, they get sorted soon after release and all is forgotten.It has been said that the overheating is caused by coolers not properly being seated or too little thermal paste applied, so Microsoft will sort that in a couple of weeks.European shipments of Xbox360 do not suffer from these problems, so perhaps Microsoft already done the needed adjustments...
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