Sony launches HDD camcorder

By Derek Sooman on January 8, 2006, 5:07 AM
Nice to see Sony back in the news about something nice: the company has launched a new hard disk drive based camcorder. The camcorder, which will come with a 30GB capacity drive and provide up to 21 hours recording time, is called the DCR-SR90E, and features a 10x optical zoom and 120x digital zoom capability and a filter diameter of 30mm. It records in MPEG2, and features a built-in microphone that records in 5.1-channel surround sound.

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otmakus said:
Cool, one of Camcorder's biggest weaknesses is the tiny storage space, along with battery life. A 30GB disk drive providing 21 hours recording time is amazing, although I'm sure the battery will be long dead before the 21 hours is up. Now will anyone buy me this for a late Christmas gift?
zachig said:
That's a real cool camcorder. I've always like SONY camcorders. When I'll upgrade my Sony DV-Cam I'll definitely consider this one. Thanks for the info guys.
MonkeyMan said:
WOW!!!! You guys just have to marvel at all the new technologies being released so far!!!!! and this is a plus. This thing can record for almost 1 day!!!!!!! that is pretty much, almost 13 or more hollywood movies!!!! this is just awesome, when I go on vacation, I am most certainly going to purchase this camcorder before I go!!!!!!
enasni said:
The whole thing about the C.D.s keeps me very skeptical about any devices they are putting on the market this close to the settlement.Sounds great and all but the technological industry need to come out with a 30 hour battery for a camcorder.
exscind said:
The specifications of this new camcorder looks pretty astounding. As someone have said before, one of the fields that lacked in this kind of product is the uncompromising small storage and the poor ability to record efficiently. The 5.1 surround sound recording capability will probably be an important selling flag. And if the battery will actually be able to last 21 hours of continuous recording, it may just be the next camcorder to beat.
Eleventeen said:
This will be really helpful to alot of people. It's great to see that these camcorders are getting better hard drives and other features. 21 hours of recording time, that is pretty impressive if you ask me. Of course this doesn't make up for what Sony did to all their CD's, but I guess it's a start, you know, to stop focusing on less important things and start focusing on products like these.
dr_roman said:
Looks like the future is here. Now all they have left is to improve the "ccd : $" ratio & it'll be perfect.
nathanskywalker said:
i just gotta say, "nice". 30gb...huh bigger than my working hard drive...
mtyson8 said:
Is the camera High Definition??? Id buy it for that reason only.
PanicX said:
No, its only MPEG2 quality (DVD). For HD you need the HDR-HC1 which records at 1080i. I just bought the HDR-HC1 and it's a great camera, although for 5.1 surround sound you need to purchase the external microphone.The harddrive is a great idea, although I'm curious as to if it's removable/upgradeable.
rahuls said:
Great device to own.It really provides value for money with such great features
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Only one microphone for 5.1 sound?That doesn't sound very hifi to me.
Masque said:
[b]Originally posted by Mictlantecuhtli:[/b][quote]Only one microphone for 5.1 sound?That doesn't sound very hifi to me.[/quote]But technology can do wonders Mic. On a side note, I'd love to see these drives become solid-state. We're testing one of these drives right now (happens to be a 20GB drive) and it's simply amazing. No more moving parts from the drive and makes things somewhat quieter. With a camcorder sporting one of these, it would really be sweet.
barfarf said:
Yeah the battery life does suck. To keep that hard drive spinning it needs a fair amount of power. Personally i would not want it because of the weak battery. I love long battery life. Regardless its a sign of more cool toy to come. Since its mpeg2 format already that means i can transfer it to my computer way faster then a traditional tape.
buttus said:
An interesting idea but the battery life HAS to be improved. Being a long time user of MP3 players and digital camera's, I can honestly say that battery life has a significant impact on me as a consumer and as it is, I wouldn't buy this with such a poor battery life.
mentaljedi said:
Great but... how much of a blow does it do to your pocketbook eh? Anyway, its not like i'm complaining.
Knobee said:
Battery life... sure, you can record 21 hours of video, but only an hour and a half at a time -- unless you get the zillion dollar add-on. *SIGH*
luismigilbert said:
Knobee have a good point here...what time does battery takes to take all charge off
Mictlantecuhtli said:
I guess you're not always outside shooting where you have no power.
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