Levi Strauss to launch jeans for iPod users

By Derek Sooman on January 11, 2006, 8:02 PM
Levi Strauss, ever the innovative, has announced that it is to provide jeans that are geared toward iPod users. Believe it or not, they are to launch jeans that come with built-in headphones, joystick, and even a docking cradle. For example, the new RedWire DLX line of jeans will have a special side pocket where an iPod can be stored. The jeans will cost $200 and will be in the stores by the end of 2006.

"As people carry multiple gadgets, you're going to see more clothing makers thinking about how to serve that market," said Scott Jordan, founder of SCOTTeVEST, a maker of gadget-friendly vests, jackets, and pants.

"There's more consciousness now about what people are carrying, as well as what they're wearing."

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MonkeyMan said:
Wow, this is technology, producing technology. This is a first, in that technology, and style have intertwined. I think this will be interesting, and I am anxious to see how this turns out.
Race said:
Obviously, Apple is thinking the 'sky's the limit' with accessaries for the iPod. Forteen million iPods sold last quarter....and revenue in the billions, no wonder the stock is hitting new 52 week highs almost daily. I also heard yesterday that Apple is planning to add digital camera capabilities to a new version.Jeans for iPods??? Just think of all of the other possibilities.
xerowingsx5k said:
Yeah. I remember back when jackets had CD player and cell phone pockets. Nowadays we're going to get clothes for our gadgets. Right now, it's only hyped price but by the end of the year, they should be a lot cheaper.
Eleventeen said:
Well, I cant say it's a bad idea. But $200... That's really something I'm not looking forward to pay. Having built in head phones is really cool if you ask me. You can never misplace them since they will be on your pants all the time. Hmm, wonder how they will make them washer proof though. Anyway you look at it, I guess you can't really find and negatives about this product.
2old said:
What a great idea - not sure how you wash them though? Seriously - the convergence of disparate industries for the betterment of consumers is always a thing of beauty.....add technology into the mix and cha-ching 2old spends $200.
Race said:
Actually, there are a number of jackets available with built-in head phones, and MP3 players, and they are 'machine washable'. Certain components are removed beforehand.As an example, this particular one, from a German maker, retails for $725. [url]http://edu.beelink.com.cn/20040727/1639121.shtml[/url]In that context.....$200 for a pair of jeans with docking cradle, headphones, and a joystick sounds reasonable....just not for those of us on a budget.
otmakus said:
As iPod becomes more and more a fashion product, all other fashion brands has to embrace it and adapt to it, thus the Levi's iPod ready Jeans. This only proves that iPod is the number one music player there is right now.I wonder when they will make a pair of jeans, or jacket, with a set of built in surround speakers and charging dock for iPod, PSP, and cell phone.
exscind said:
$200 for a pair of jeans? Does it shoot missiles too? The new RedWire DLX jeans is just a fad. Markets these days will use new trends and grab as much money as possible. In the computer world, the AMD Opteron CPUs are the perfect example. For example, Opteron 146 ws semi-expensive ($200) when first brought to consumers via Socket 939. Resellers like Newegg, Monarch, etc. figured it was too expensive. So it dropped to about $170 around November. Then words travelled that the Opterons can kick the Athlons forwards and backwards. Immediately smelling that, Newegg, ZipZoomFly, Monarch, and other big online stores immediately all jacked up the prices to over $200 again (Newegg was at $259 when I checked 3 days ago). The assembly line for making these jeans can't be $200 expensive. Sometimes I wish companies would try not to mark up prices trying to profit in the short run when it is cheaper that more people will buy, and thus better off in the long run.
nathanskywalker said:
sorry, will not pay 200 for pants.[url]http://www.macworld.com/news/2006/01/10/ipodlevis
index.php?lsrc=mcrss[/url]sorry, don't care, not till goes down to $10.
sngx1275 said:
All kinds of jeans sell for over $70 a pair, unless you buy jeans from gap, old navy, wal mart, kmart, jcpennys you are going to end up spending a lot. So I don't think its an unreasonable price.As a footnote - I have never bought or worn a pair of jeans that cost over $40, and I don't think I've ever purchased any myself that cost over $30.
zachig said:
I totally agree with you, sngx1275. I've never purchased a jeans that cost more than $50. But hey, $200 jeans. That's way too much for me. But I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of crazy people that will go and buy them.Oh, and one more thing, how do you make laundry for this pair???
vigilante said:
HAHAFirst thing that came to mind after reading this, a new trend in stealing other people's clothes. lol"HEY STOP THAT GUY!! HE STOLD MY PANTS!!!"Just hope they don't make ladies skirts with them :O
iluvnug said:
Levis for $200?? They are usually the lower priced brand. I doubt anyone is going to buy this other than someone trying to be cool.
PUTALE said:
hahaha, that's absurd. For 200, I rather buy a cheap $20 jean and a ipod nano:). I think what would be nice is for them to have a pocket specially for ipod, that would be more useful
gearjammer said:
Well what next, we all provide free advertising for 90% of the clothes we wear now why not combine technology with age old jeans. anxious to see who wears the fist pair better not be my kids unless they rob a bank somewhere. But a 100.00 plus on stero for cars is still novel..
asphix said:
No doubt these pants will cost a decent amount of cash. There is no doubt in my mind they will sell.. but I find it pretty comical.It does show how integrated the iPod has become in our everyday life/society that there would be a desire for pants designed with the iPod specifically in mind.
sngx1275 said:
Take a look at this link:[url]http://store.nordstrom.com/category/cat_boutique-m
dium.asp?category=2376777~2374612~2378920~2381668[/url]That right there is how Levis plans to sell jeans for $200, the Levis ones will probably look very similar to 'Kuratt 70Z' Jeans which sell for $160, but the Levis ones will have all the iPod ready goodness.There are several other brands that are as expensive or moreso than Diesel I'd imagine.Edit: These are incredibly ugly and sell for $220 http://store.nordstrom.com/product/product.asp?styleid=28709
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Do other players fit into the pocket?
buttus said:
This really IS going to far. Wearable technology.When I heard of the Oakley Sunglasses with embedded MP3 player, at least I saw a limited application for such in athletes working out. Heck, even my primary use for my Nano is at the gym...but that I use with an armband and keep the technology seperated from my body.Something like this just reminds me that Gibson wasn't far off in his Cyperpunk cultural prediction.
vigilante said:
I could have my mom sew a pocket on my pants for free.Let us not think we must depend on corporate factories for our simple requests like a special pocket in our pants.Pretty soon we'll have to pay people to tell us when to eat.Oh wait, we already do...
barfarf said:
I think tech gear it way cool. Firingsquad.com did a review on company called Scottevest or SeV. They make jackets and clothing that have space for build-in headphones and other tech toys such as ipods. Also fbi and secutiy personal use this material to hide weapon and surveillance equipment. Cool huh?
mentaljedi said:
[b]Originally posted by vigilante:[/b][quote]HAHAFirst thing that came to mind after reading this, a new trend in stealing other people's clothes. lol"HEY STOP THAT GUY!! HE STOLD MY PANTS!!!"Just hope they don't make ladies skirts with them :O[/quote]Yeh, instead of taking a girl's handbag, pull down their skirt or take the whole girl with 'em.
jscarrozzo said:
levis does make expensive jeans also... www.urbanoutfitters.com . for quality and comfort a good jean will cost $80+.
gamingmage said:
What will they think of next? Yet, it is pretty creative.
luismigilbert said:
jajajaja... this is a good one... who knows...might sell...loose fit ipod jeans...
michelena2000 said:
They got this idea from one of the Apprentice shows! The teams had to design clothing geared towards techies and one team's clothing had this feature!
fury said:
Jeez. The jeans cost more than the average iPod. Hello?It must be working in some weird part of the country, though, or they wouldn't have even bothered with the idea.
Cy6erpuke said:
One can just hope that they leave space for the important stuff. What a hoot. Could they design a jean around the video card that I would like to win, please. lol
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