Intel's Viiv brand in action

By Justin Mann on January 16, 2006, 6:08 PM
Want to see the new Viiv label in action? Take a look at a released Viiv branded machine and see what it can do. Viiv machines have started rolling out, but many haven't had the chance to see them or read much up on what it entails. There are some photos of the PC and a detailed looked at what's under the hood. With things like GigaLan and standard hi-def audio, it's fairly impressive. The 945 chipset hasn't dissapointed yet, and support for HDTV output makes it ideal for a media box, exactly what Intel is aiming for. The 945GM graphics is somewhat dissapointing, though likely “Viiv” machines from other companies will come with others, especially with the ATI partnership.

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MonkeyMan said:
Well, I only wish for the best for this new PC. It should be interesting to see how it turns out. After the 945GM fix, it should be a pretty interesting system.
nathanskywalker said:
just a little something on topic...[url]
.htm[/url]Well, if looks could kill. Nice, small little machine, but i wanna see some real stats on that, or at least i would if i was to buy one. and hopefully that sucker is using water-cooling...
otmakus said:
I'm still not sure about Intel promoting a computer as a media center. It must be costly, and there are many people intimidated by a computer and how to maintain it. Only few rich people will buy this machine, and even then, I bet only a small portion of them will be able to utilize it fully. If this product is Intel's flagship product, they will have a hard time, at least in the near future.
PUTALE said:
to be honest, the whole viiv is just kind of marketing tool. I have not seen what's special about Viiv as it's basically the same underneath. It's a smart move by intel as they have done with centrino.
phantasm66 said:
That's beautiful. The machine looks great.
zachig said:
I still prefer the "AMD Live!" technology!!! AMD All The Way!!!
smtkr said:
Is that an XBOX 360?
Cy6erpuke said:
[b]Originally posted by zachig:[/b][quote]I still prefer the "AMD Live!" technology!!! AMD All The Way!!![/quote]I've heard that AMD is begind Intel as far as cooling goes. I would recommend AMD over Intel, were it not for this. You guys agree?PC looks cool, inside matters more!
Cy6erpuke said:
I have 3500+ Athlon 64. I didn't mean to sound like an Intel fan. Soz
gamingmage said:
Wow. Intel is still going strong, which is a good sign for Intel fans and users.
mentaljedi said:
Intel isn't going to back down without a fight!Then again, neither will AMD. Their competition is more fun thatn Nvidia's and ATI!
Didou said:
[b]Originally posted by Cy6erpuke:[/b][quote]I've heard that AMD is begind Intel as far as cooling goes. I would recommend AMD over Intel, were it not for this. You guys agree?[/quote]Maybe as far as laptop goes but last I checked, Viiv used a Pentium-D & there's no way those come close to using as little power as an Athlon64, let alone a Turion-64 or a Pentium-M.*edit* this one seems to sport a Pentium-M (dual-core Yonah) but I do remember the initial specs talking about a Pentium-D. *shrug*
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