TS New Year Giveaway: Third winner announcement

By on January 30, 2006, 2:54 PM
Congratulations exscind! You are the winner of the third GeForce 7800 GT, with still one more card left in our New Year giveaway. Enter here for more details.
The selection went as planned and consisted of TS' staff and moderators picking members based on their activity during the January 12 - January 25th period.

It's so unfortunate we can't giveaway more than four cards, having SEVERAL valuable members deserving the prize, luckily it's random drawing between those eligible, so we don't have to pick a final winner, best of luck next time!

Users from period #1 who continued participating (triple chance): barfarf, canadian, cyrax, DragonMaster, Eleventeen, mentaljedi, MonkeyMan, nathanskywalker, otmakus, PanicX, PUTALE, Rage_3K_Moiz, spike, vigilante.

Users from period #2 (double chance): Cartz, Cy6erpuke, exscind, fury, Kaleid.

New users added to the pool: AeonXX, Buttus, champmanfan, djleyo, Eko, gamingmage, jassim, JMag034, JMMD, Need_a_Dell, Nic, paulwuzhere, Race, someone, Vaulden.

Once again, we are thankful for your participation and we certainly hope you keep around, as there is still one more card in play.

Those wondering why you weren't included, remember that users are being hand-picked, meaning quality and relevance of comments matter A LOT. If this wasn't the case we could simply run a search of users posting over 20 items during the contest period, but the fact that we read everything you post makes a difference.

The winner has now been contacted through his registered email, and we expect a response during the following five days.

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mastronaut said:
So if your name isn't on any list you have no chance of winning the card?
sjps220 said:
Cutos to exscind! Enjoy your card, it's a good one!As much as I with TS could give away more cards, 4 7800 Gts makes a great contest!
cyrax said:
Congrats exscind!You very lucky, I hope i win in the final round, but i not sure since project keeping me from posting regularly. Well, back to studes.....now where did i put that soft. eng book.......................
barfarf said:
You lucky user you exscind!! Kudos to you. I saw some of your postings you are a worthy poster. **Salutes** Now that you are out of contest that leave me a better chance winning the yummy prize. All other posters beware ! ;>
Cartz said:
Heres to hoping the last one goes my way :)Edit: oh yeah, and congrats on winning the card man, ye luckie bastid.
MonkeyMan said:
Great job excind. Man I wish I was you, I would have been doing cartwheels right now, I would have been on top of the world man. Only 1 more card to go, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping for the best. But congrats excind, and have fun with that monster of power, known as the 7800GT.
Need_a_Dell said:
Good stuff Excind! Oh how I envy you right now! Private message me your posting strategy so that i can get the final one! (jks...not really :| )Congrats again!
mastronaut said:
Definately Congrats are in order! Sorry, lost power up here it snowed some heavy wet stuff. I envy you, can I have your old card? hahaha
AeonXX said:
Congratulations! I don't feel bad for not winning yet, because I read some of your posts and they're definitely quality material. I'm still hopeful of having a valid excuse to upgrade to a PCI-E motherboard, so there's no way I'm giving up until the fat lady sings.[Edited by AeonXX on 2006-01-30 17:38:20]
nathanskywalker said:
ouch, nice man!!! exscind....does that means something? sweet though dude, third card, now you can just sit back relax, and enjoy your card, totaly rad. course, you can also watch the rest of us go tooth and claw for the last one....
Vaulden said:
Congrats exscind!Woot! I'm on the list! I'm on the list! Now if only I'd known about this site sonner.
howard_hopkinso said:
Congratulations exscind.I hope you enjoy the new card.Regards Howard
exscind said:
When I first saw the announcement, I promptly refreshed the webpage at least 10 times just to make certain I wasn't going delusional. After writing a program in assembly language, this was definitely good news to keep me sane! Thank you TechSpot for running this great contest, and good luck to all the remaining contestants.
Masque said:
Congrats dude...I'm excited for you.
PUTALE said:
congrat man. I envy you so much:)
gamingmage said:
Congrats, hope you have fun with your lovely new graphics card.
Kaleid said:
Congratulations :)I see that I will have another chance, will have to try to increase the quality of my posts. It's now or never..
poertner_1274 said:
Nice work exscind!! Hope to see you put this to good use. I hope to see you around the forums as well.
vigilante said:
Awesome win excind! Oh happy day huh!Do all us losers a favor and make GOOD USE of the card, or else! lol1 to go fellas...
kodrutz said:
Congratz to the winner, I think I'll pass the last one, I tried hard so far but didn't make it at least into the pool. It's safer to work something, at least you remain with the results, than trying to help others and get nothing, at least the satisfaction that you were few chances away of such an awesome video card...
JMMD said:
Congrats exscind. Let us know how the card is when you have it installed. What card is this going to replace in your PC?
asphix said:
Congrats man! Enjoy the prize!
mentaljedi said:
Enjoy mate! I'm sure you can find great use for it...
bushwhacker said:
wow, just joined recently and got a nice gift from TS? Congrat, exscind! please post your 3DMARK 2004 score here please !!! :)
nathanskywalker said:
[quote] Posted by exscind | 2006-01-30 18:34:21 [Edit Message] [Quote Message]When I first saw the announcement, I promptly refreshed the webpage at least 10 times just to make certain I wasn't going delusional. After writing a program in assembly language, this was definitely good news to keep me sane! Thank you TechSpot for running this great contest, and good luck to all the remaining contestants.[quote] lol!!!! totaly what i would do...mabye....Do that's awesome!!! More than flipping congrats dude, rock on!!! dude, did you expect to win? or were you just kinda like...hmm....mabye.......
Race said:
Nicely done exscind......enjoy that awesome card!
vnf4ultra said:
Congrats, that will be a very nice addition to your system.
Cy6erpuke said:
Well done man! Hope I join the winning ranks soon. Would be nice to enjoy this with you.
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