Sales of Duo-based Macs not as high as predicted

By Justin Mann on January 31, 2006, 6:44 PM
Bad news for Apple, it appears that the Intel Mac isn't being as widely accepted as they initially hoped. Whether plagued by bad press covering the initial plans or the performance boost being over exaggerated or other causes, the sales just don't match the goals. Many are perhaps timid with getting a Mac based on the Duo, especially after the concerns that little software has been written to take advantage of the newer CPU, so the performance benefits aren't something many users could even use for perhaps months. This doesn't mean it won't pick up dramatically. Despite the serious lack of 64-bit desktop operating systems and software packages several years ago, the Athlon64 took off like a rocket. Once the software catches up with the hardware (which can give an actual performance boost worthy of note), things may change. For now, though, even some software developers are leery of making the switch.

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gamingmage said:
Yea software and hardware have to be some what in sync in order for either or both of them to benefit. They fact that the duos aren't taking off may not be just the software, but also the fact that people just don't want to buy them and that they want to go to PCs. Who knows. No matter how much I dislike Mac I hope the Intel Macs do well so it will help Intel as I am an Intel fan.
DragonMaster said:
Maybe they would sell more if people would be aware that they are released. (I wasn't)
Need_a_Dell said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote]Maybe they would sell more if people would be aware that they are released. (I wasn't)[/quote]Great point! There didn't seem to be much press coverage on this new release by Apple and Intel. After some more advertisments, I'm sure people will start to pick it up. They should take a marketing angle taht will show that future 64-bit applications will be able to take advantage of this hardware which is available today. The thought of being ahead of the curve is extremely appealing to many people, and if that angle were to be taken, they would most definitly see some sales increases.
nathanskywalker said:
Yes.... good point, i haven't heard a whole lot about the mac-duo, yeah, i don't know mac hardware in the least.....hmm....The negative news on the Imac being a real dissapointment probably didn't help their cause at all.
DragonMaster said:
They just advertise the iPod, the other products are unknown to most people apart from the old G4 CRT iMac.
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