American Technology Research confirms Dell AMD move

By Derek Sooman on February 1, 2006, 8:00 PM
More rumours are on the go about Dell starting to use AMD chips in its machines, in addition to those from Intel. Doug Freedman of American Technology Research has predicted that Q1 2006 will be the time of the Dell-AMD deal. In a research note about Intel's stock, Freedman claims that as soon as March we should hear some announcement, possibility concerning Dell notebooks.

"The deal will likely mature from there to include servers and desktops, in that order, in subsequent months," the report said.
However, Dell is one for always watching profit margins, and one wonders about the expense of running separate product development teams for Intel and AMD systems at once.

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cyrax said:
Weel, The deal if finally going through. I hope it improves the quality and price of both sides since that has been a mjor thorn.
djleyo said:
dell made a nice choice i hope they use mid to performance chipsets for example there line of xms with FX series procesors and the optiplex line using regular or dual core 64 3200-4200 serieshope other companies follow dell's move and get out of the cradle of Intel
MonkeyMan said:
Sounds like a shaky deal, but nonetheless signed, sealed, and approved. AMD's decision to expand to Dell, is probably the best thing that AMD has done. Only quality software, and systems will be created from this new deal.
jmag034 said:
YAY! Finally no more rumors and more fact. I love AMD :)
Need_a_Dell said:
Way to go Dell! Good move for sure! Wish it had been done sooner, like before my dad bought the gen4 XPS! lol. Win some and you lose some. Good move.
blue_dragon said:
argh..i just hope dell doesnt make AMD look bad to the not so computer savy person
Kaleid said:
Great for AMD, hopefully they can produce enough CPUs for the prices to stay down.
Masque said:
Just remember, it's still not official through Dell. This is still (though highly placed) conjecture from the author. I'm certainly excited at the potential though. And don't worry Kaleid....I'm sure AMD has drastically upped their capabilites in the last few years. Their only supply problems have been due to raw material shortage.Just my $.02.
Race said:
I just can't get excited about this news because I bought one Dell, and although it's a good machine, I probably won't get another because of all of the proprietary components, and the locked-down bios.However, it's very positive for AMD and Dell customers.
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
AMD seems to be riding on the wave of Intel's recent failure to bring out better chips. I'd like to see more competition between the two so we get better products. The former is precisely the reason Dell is going with AMD rather than sticking with Intel.
mentaljedi said:
Dell will make a big mistake not negotioating and dealing with AMD. Dell will REALLY become a power with AMD. Not necesserily a monopoly, but some really big %%%s.
nathanskywalker said:
Wow, i almost didn't believe Dell would do it.[quote] Dell will make a big mistake not negotioating and dealing with AMD.[/quote]Oh come on, i think you're overclocking things just a bit. This was a good move, and Dell is a good company. Sorry for intel, this is going to be a bit of a loss, but AMD's competition just might challenge them to pick their transisors back up out of the dirt and get moving.
PUTALE said:
I am glad that Dell will be carrying AMD because it gives user more option and selection. Plus we all know that DEll is probably the cheapest price to buy computer stuff, so it will definitely be good news for us.
buttus said:
If I were an executive at Intel I'd be dropping a few bricks by now.The sheer volume and numbers of CPU's that Dell can push is astronomical. What is truely understated however is the marketing power that Dell has. People have only accepted Intel as the CPU of choice because companies like Dell and HP had said so. Now with AMD being brought on board the uneducated masses out there (as far as IT purchases anyways) will now be shown that indeed there is an option.Dell adding AMD to the lineup gives AMD some much needed credability in the consumer market. For sometime now AMD has been widely accepted in the server and workstation side of things but now the mass consumer market will be exposed to and even pushed upon AMD as a viable or even preferential option.From someone that has supported AMD for years, and who fell in love with the K6 500hz processor and has never looked back I can finally say...WAY TO GO AMD!!!!!
barfarf said:
This is great move for AMD but i dont know about Dell. I mean supporting a whole new architecture from engineers to tech support can be costly. But i bet dell got a sweat deal from AMD to sell their chips. Lets see if this partnership works out. Not to mention if this is even offical.
Vaulden said:
This would be a nice combination; a great thing for both AMD and Dell. However, until I see PCs with AMD chips on I won't hold my breath.
gamingmage said:
I think that they will go for AMD if the cost are too high because they will see from sales that it is the better choice at the time. However, it would be great if they could produce systems that have the option of either an Intel processor or and AMD processor.
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