Samsung readies massive legal action

By Derek Sooman on February 9, 2006, 2:30 PM
Samsung is preparing to take massive legal action against Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese mobile phone makers. The company is preparing a legal crusade against companies that it alleges have breached Samsung designs. Samsung alleges that their plans have been leaked, and that rival companies use these to copy the designs of their products. Hitachi, Tatung, and Sampo are some of the targeted companies.

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MonkeyMan said:
Oh dear, this is going to get really ugly!!!! shame on those companies!!!! Be creative, and original with your products, because that says alot about your company. Immitated ideas only insure your companies downfall, because all you are doing is taking another companies ideas, and implementing them into your company!!!! What is a company to do when they run out of ideas? well, they become unstable, and they recieve low yearly profit margins. Shame on you Hitachi, Tatung, and Sampo!!!!!!!
phantasm66 said:
Hitachi should know better. But then, maybe this sort of thing goes on all the time.
Vaulden said:
Are those companies struggling that much? Following the leader generally leaves you with the scraps from their tables. If they are content with that, then I would see that as a problem with the company. If these actions are true I hope Samsung comes out on top of this.
Race said:
Make no mistake....the memory business is a highly competitive and occasionally cut-throat business. It seems lawsuits and countersuits have been fairly common recently among some of the major players.The motto seems to be 'gain an advantage, an edge, and the upperhand' by whatever means nessecary.I recall the patent infringment and anti-trust suits brought against Samsung last summer by Rambus, with seperate lawsuits involving Hynix, Micron, and Infineon.....some of which have since been settled.This new Samsung case could be construed as another 'pot calling the kettle black'.
gamingmage said:
Samsung is out to kill, or so to speak. I doubt that these companies will get away with this with Samsung being a large company and all. This business is nothing to mess with, just some words of advice for others. :)
Need_a_Dell said:
Technical espionage. I love it. If Samsung is pissed because other companies are taking their designs, than they should stop making them available for the taking. They should take what they find important, and keep it under top secret surveilance. (Lock and key if you will.) Samsung is taking the right plan of action now, but they should be a little less careless with what they find valuable.
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