Sony PS3 still on schedule for 2006 release

By Justin Mann on February 17, 2006, 12:30 PM
Hopefully, we'll still see the Sony PlayStation 3 on time, which is supposed to be before the end of this year. That could be up to 10 months away, and Sony's chance to take away the steam from the 360 is already gone, so Sony has their work cut out for them in getting it into peoples hands.

The PS3 will lag the Xbox 360 more in market share if Sony delays launch of the PS3 to the end of 2006, the sources said, noting that Microsoft predicted global shipments of its Xbox 360 will reach 4.5-5.5 million units by the end of June.
It's more likely that Sony will be competing with Nintendo and their Revolution. Since both of those companies have been much more well known for consoles in the past as opposed to Microsoft, we may see a much more interesting set of competition between them than we are seeing now. With the interest of two new high-end consoles coming out, we'll also probably see changes for the 360 as well, with Microsoft wanting to make sure they don't lose ground to the two console legends. AM2 and PS3 in the same year, great stuff.

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exscind said:
I thought PS3 was supposed to come out like... now. The momentum for Sony is definitely gone. I know many people were holding out and waiting for PS3 rather than jumping on the bandwagon for Xbox360. But now, not knowing whether PS3 will even be out in the market by this year, can't do anything but harm their sales.
mentaljedi said:
I'll bet that both the rev and ps3 will come out at similar times. i honestly think that the ps3 and rev complement eachother. As the rev is going to be so much cheaper than 360 and ps3, most may decide to have both the ps3 and rev. i know iwould. It'll either a Q3 or Q4 release. If it gets any later than that, then it shows that something is really wrong.
sornypanafonic said:
yeah i def agree that nintendo and ps3 are coming out this fall. revolution has been confirmed to be out by thanksgiving and im sure sony will not miss out on black friday. both these companies can take their time though as sony is milking ps2 and nintendo's DS has proven to be the best selling system in japan and sold the most software last year of any system (not counting the regular gameboy juggernaut). also i think both companies are adding and fine tuning certain features, im more than sure nintendo is making sure everything about the new controller is right.
Need_a_Dell said:
Can't wait to see these remainig consoles on the market so that we can see what they have to offer! I'm definitely not going to take a side at the moment, because I have been dissapointed by consoles lately. For the time being, I'm going to stick to PC gaming!
canadian said:
I cant wait for the rev and PS3. Im thinking of getting the Revolution, because I trust Nintendo, and their products. I want to try out the new controler also. But the PS3 could be...very interesting.I hope these kill the 360, it is a bad design, and they use unfair tactics. (The fact Microsoft is using their vast fortunes, they lose over $120 USD on every 360 sold.)
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