Steve Wozniak has sharp words for Apple

By Derek Sooman on February 25, 2006, 1:23 PM
Apple Computer co-founder and personal computing father Steve Wozniak has sharply criticised Apple over its dealings with Intel, likening the joint venture as "like consorting with the enemy". In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Steve also had sharp words for the iPod as well, saying that they distracted Apple from its focus on computing.

"We're a computer company, and we really think computers." His advice? Consider spinning off the business.

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vigilante said:
I hear rumors that Apple is on the move to put Windows on their PCs. Part of their reasoning for Intel I suppose. Because Apple has always said they were a hardware company. Now with everybody switching to Windows it being the most compatible with hardware. Apple seeks to gain more then 5% market by allowing "the best of both worlds" onto their hardware.Some said they were even planning to announce this year, but possibly within the next 5 years Apple will switch to Windows and might already be in talks with MS about it.Just a rumor, but there are many reason why an Apple switch to Windows would make sense. Hard to say, but interresting.
sngx1275 said:
I've been following that rumor, and Dvorak is the one that started it. He has been right on a lot of things, but I think he's wrong on this one. I don't think Apple will just become another Dell. I don't think they can compete that way even if they wanted to.I think only time will tell on the switch to x86 processors. I would have stayed with RISC its in theory at least, a superior processor. Sony is using a RISC in their PS3 I believe. So I think there is still life left and Apple jumped ship early. But they pay people huge salaries to make informed decisions and not me :)
deiphobus said:
So this guy, Steve Wozniak, was an ex-Apple exec? When he was working, what was Apple like during that time? I think they were really doing an "incredible" job. When Steve Jobs returned, on the other hand, Apple started falling to pieces? right? :) I think this guy got his head hit really hard.
barfarf said:
It shocking what narrow minded and short sight statement that is by steve. I mean the ipod arguably single-handed saved apple financial. Also ipod made butt loads of money and allow apple once again to be major players in the market. Imagine if Steve was in charge there would never been an ipod. Where would have apple been then? I think “computing” is no longer a term just relating to computers but whole breath of technologies and innovations that can help people.
DragonMaster said:
[quote]I think “computing” is no longer a term just relating to computers but whole breath of technologies and innovations that can help people. [/quote]Sure, but, even if they have a processor, it's going a bit too far to say a microwave or an electrical oven is computing. Just 'cause almost everything is computing...
vigilante said:
This may not even be the place to say it, but I'd be careful buying an iPod. Apparently my brother spent truck loads of money getting all the cool iPod stuff, adapters, cables, software, etc...Then one day he had an issue and called up tech support, they refused to help him at all. The problem was so simple, the support guy knew exactly what the problem was but would not say unless my bro paid a $60 support fee. He spent more time on the phone arguing about it then it would have taken the rep to just say how to fix it. He would tell him, "check the web site, it's on there". Just flat out refused to help unless he paid MORE money for some support system. My bro asked to speak to a supervisor, he refused to transfer him. The experience was so frustrating, my brother told him he's going to tell everybody he knows and every knew and every will know to NOT buy an iPod, if their going to treat customers this way who spent all this money on their stuff.So beware, expect your $400 in Apple equipment to get no help whatsoever. Unless you want to continue paying out the butt to Apple.Oh yes, they are making a killing off iPod.
sngx1275 said:
I've had to deal with Apple Support once, and they were incredibly friendly and took care of my problem faster than I expected.
DragonMaster said:
[quote] I've had to deal with Apple Support once, and they were incredibly friendly and took care of my problem faster than I expected.[/quote]Depends of what. With the thousands of problems that the first generation iMac G5 has(Leaking caps), they always are out of stock for parts and it can take about 3 months to get replacements(They change the mobo for free). What's popular has bad support : M$ by example.
sngx1275 said:
[quote]“I heartily deny saying this,” Wozniak stated, “the strength of the iPod came from treating a music device as a 'satellite' to a computer, and the intertwining of iTunes and the iPod made this possible. I did NOT say that the iPod division should be spun off and I feel used in that regard.” Wozniak responded similarly to the suggestion that he viewed Intel as the enemy. In response to reported comments on both Intel and Microsoft, he stated, “I myself am not known for taking the enemy approach to anything.” [/quote]Turns out the first story was not entirely correct.Source: [url]
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