Playstation 3 without HDMI

By Derek Sooman on March 27, 2006, 5:23 PM
Seemingly, problems delaying the PS3 launch are worse than has been so far been made known. Recently, Sony said that the next generation console would be late due to technical problems such as finalising Blu-ray's copy protection technology AACS. Humphrey Cheung of, however, claims that Sony was not able to run the console through HDMI at 1080p resolution at the recent GDC. Microsoft and Sony, of course, have both promised the beginning of a high definition gaming era with their respective new consoles. But will they both make good on their promises?

Of course, we were interested in why Sony did not run the units with HDMI. There may be an obvious explanation, but we received some surprising answers from Sony's staff. First, we were told that it isn't easy to get a hold of HDMI-equipped TVs. We found this to be very strange, because after all we were at the Sony booth and all the television sets had HDMI inputs. On the second try, we were told that the reason for not using HDMI was that Sony did not have any HDMI cables and that "they are difficult to find". Matt Butrovich, a former intern with Tom's Hardware and who walked the show floor with us, offered the staff to use one of the HDMI cables he actually had in his car and connect the PS3 with the TVs. Sony officials turned down the offer and we were left without seeing the demos in HD.

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DragonMaster said:
Haven't they thought about future compatibility? Seems not...
crossfire851 said:
It seems they will do whatever it takes with bs answers. I wonder why this is and why they won't let the demo go, with HDMI?
nz_skater said:
More and more, I'm tempted to get an XBox 360.
DragonMaster said:
Maybe they try to hide other things if they don't want people to see the HDMI output...
Julio said:
I almost got a Xbox 360 a few months ago but with so much limitation on its availability, I have ended up buying new games for the PS2 (you should try Fight Night Round 3), giving it more life and finally not getting any new hardware at all.
asphix said:
I'm always skeptical when it comes to Sony.We'll have to see how ps3 is when its released. But the general rule of thumb is:Their claims / 3 = the product you recieve
mentaljedi said:
let's see. I won't get the 360 because of lack of selection. I will wait for PS3 because... well its supposed to be good. And the Rev? Who wouldn't want all those old games plus the new ones. Oh, relying on your own skills with the controller rather than standing still with some rollerball might convince you to get some exerise if your a couch patato!
yingjian8586 said:
Now i am owning an Xbox360, looks great and the graphic is stunning too, it is the same like u owning Nvidia 7900GTX or X1900XTX, i got Fight Night Round 3, Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter, and Oblivion. the graphic looks great on standard tv too, but not as sharp and clear on LCD-TV or HDTV. i owned an 23 inch Sony Bravia S-Series, it really looks great on HDTV enable. The difference is , when i play fight night round 3 on standard tv, those words on screen looks crap and blurr, and i cant really see little tiny graphic such as mist around the air in Warehouse. But when i plugged it into this new HDTV, it looks much more better, and you can see the mist floating around the air, the anistrophic or highly detail on fighter skin and sweat.But i still think, there are not really using the Full system horse power of Xbox360, coz the graphic aint fully produced, and developer still need to learn how to programs 3 cores with 2 threads to run the game.Coz mostly, nowadays games, our PC games, mostly program in 1 core or 1 core with HT, but i aint see any Dual Core requirement games outside the market lol.Maybe i am wrong too :DI think PS3 struggle now alot, they are putting everything to the max and it will last you like until next future generation,perhaps 10 years or forever but dont know until when lol... HDTV ... 2 HDMI... Blu-Ray... Wat else ? So the PS3 has "hardcore" Cell chip which give 2 Teraflops, OMG...get some scientific calulator to calculate =P.I remembered those words from Xbox. Xbox calculate 1 thing = the whole world of population to calculate 1 thing.So wat is PS3 lolz..insane. PS3 is gona be awesom.Bare in mind, the president of sony said each game will be running at 120Fps at 1920x1080 (1080p) If you can, own 3 of those nex-gen console, so u dont hav to worry how to choose, and get nice set up too with 5.1 ready.
z0k! said:
i thought the whole war was about HD
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