Interview with Henri Richard of AMD

By Justin Mann on May 10, 2006, 10:16 PM
In an interview with Henri Richard of AMD, a lot of information on the growth of the company, most especially the successes of the Opteron, is revealed. It's obvious Henri isn't as enthusiastic as Intel is about Intel products (of course), but he makes a good point about hyped products not being made available on the market, whether or not the technology is developed. He also says AMD is quite committed to getting Dell as a customer.

While that would be good for AMD, I hope that goal does not impact AMD's future products. He stays tight lipped about both potential and existing customers, which is unusual, but does make allusions to HP being their biggest reseller for the Opteron, which says a lot in and of itself. It's an interesting interview.

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nathanskywalker said:
I dunno dude. I wouldn't underestimate Intel just now. Yeah, i was totaly "anti-intel", but yeahyah, intel is making some really good moves. Especialy with conroe. If AMD doesn't move fast, they're going to start losing ground...oh well...better for the consumer...
lordbf1 said:
yes that was a good read.thanks lordbf1
PanicX said:
I agree, an excellent read. With all the hype about Intel's Conroe, AMD is keeping a really cool head. Apparently because they're far more concerned with the server market than the laptop/desktop.I thought it was interesting though how he points out that Intel really hurt themselves with hyping Conroe so much that it stalled orders for current chips. I know that's exactly the case for me as I'm in the market for a new laptop and with the promise of Conroe processors being both desktop/laptop processors, i'm holding off to buy a laptop as fast as any desktop.
AMDIsTheBest010 said:
yea i agree, i'm currentl all AMD now, but if AMD doesnt get their act together, they could lose the FX-60 spot to the upcoming Intel Pentium Extremem edeition with 64bit support, and intels virtualization technology, which aloows ppl to run moere thean one OS simultaneously
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