Halo 2 wrap-up at E3

By Justin Mann on May 30, 2006, 10:42 AM
A particular title people have been waiting a long time for on the PC has been Halo 2. Though readily available on the Xbox, the PC release was in debate for a long while and then in development for longer, where it currently is. However, in a fan-driven interview, many details have been released, including what sort of system will require it. The only real worthy point of note is that this game will require Windows Vista to run. Requiring an OS that may not be out for another year? I guess that rules out Mac and Linux, but that's no big surprise considering who Bungie works with.

Of other things to note, Xbox users will be able to play against PC users once it is released, and a Halo 3 is already in the works. The interview has a bunch of other questions, though most are light or absent of content regarding the game itself, but the points worth noting are summarized. Requiring Vista may change, but most likely not, as it's probably a technical reason they decided to axe support for earlier versions of Windows.

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DragonMaster said:
Wait a minute, Halo 2 for xBozx runs on a stripped down Win2k, and you need Vista on your PC! They just want to sell more copies of Vista!
Julio said:
Either that or they are (subtly) admiting Windows XP could be too insecure in order to have both xbox and PC users combined in the same network.
Supra said:
Maybe the game requires DirectX10 and from what I've heard that will only be on Vista, no upgrades for XP.
canadian said:
XP will get DX10, but this is to try and force gamers to upgrade. Plain and simple. I think the PC people have a large advantage because they have a keyboard, and mouse. But, mind you, the Xbox has the auto aim.... Could be interesting. I will definatly either try a demo if they make one, or just torrent it to see if I want to invest in it.
DragonMaster said:
The Xbox doesn't run DX10 AFAIK.
Berserk_Fury said:
Xbox is completely horrible to any normal gaming PC. There is no way it has something that XP can't run. So they are either giving it a huge update, or as it was stated before they just want to sell vista.
Supra said:
The DirectX version wont matter as far as compatibility goes, and of course the Xbox doesnt run DX10, its not even out. You can run Counter-strike in DX7 mode and still play anyone else running DX8+. The version for PC will be leaps and bounds better visually than the Xbox version, they haven't waited nearly 2 years just so they dont hinder sales of the xbox version although it is one reason.
Julio said:
Because Halo has got most of its fans from the console version and not the PC (most of us were playing Quakes, Half-Lifes, etc.), I wouldn't call it a threat to the console version.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Maybe one day we'll see Halo 2 running in Linux with the help of Cedega.
nic said:
They restricted Halo 2 to XBox so that more gamers would buy XBox. Now the same thing applies to Vista...they are spending so much money on Vista that they need it to sell well.
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