Nvidia's GeForce 7950 GX2: Quad SLI... almost

By on June 5, 2006, 12:08 PM
NVIDIA has been talking publicly about Quad SLI for half a year now, and Quad SLI configs have been shipping for a few months in a select number of ultra-high-end PCs. Today, at long last, NVIDIA is unveiling a consumer version of its Quad SLI component card, the GeForce 7950 GX2.

A single GX2 plugs into one PCI Express slot, but it actually has a pair of printed circuit boards, two GPUs, and two sets of memory chips onboard. By itself, the GeForce 7950 GX2 is an SLI setup on a stick, a dual-GPU powerhouse that fits into the same space as any other high-end graphics card with a dual-slot cooler. Slide two of these puppies into a system side by side, and you have the potential for Quad SLI, the only thing stopping you however is that NVIDIA seems to have no plans to offer this on retail but only through OEM partners such as Alienware, Falcon Northwest, etc.

Still the GeForce 7950 GX2 seems to be the fastest 'single' card available, and some reviews are up at: Tech Report, nVnews, Legit Reviews, and Hexus.

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DragonMaster said:
Is it working on single-slot motherboards, "upgrading" them to dual GPU?
Julio said:
Good question. Motherboard compatibility list for the GX2:[url]http://www.nvidia.com/content/geforce_gx2_sbios/us.
crossfire851 said:
You can buy them at newegg[url]http://promotions.newegg.com/NVIDIA/7950GX2/index
canadian said:
So, this will completly blow away the 7900 GTX?
Julio said:
It is still more expensive, consumes more power, and is unnecessary unless you want extreme gaming performance.In the other hand, seems to be a better solution than standard SLI if you are buying two cards at once. The beauty of SLI IMHO is the long-term upgrading (e.g. add second card when it's cheaper).
DragonMaster said:
[quote] (e.g. add second card when it's cheaper).[/quote]Depends. When you've got an X1600Pro, you might prefer to get an X1900 instead anyways, since an other X1600 is not going to do pretty much.[quote] Good question. Motherboard compatibility list for the GX2:http://www.nvidia.com/content/geforce_gx2_sbios/us.asp[/
uote]Well, it works on Crossfire mobos too, so this might be an answer.The 7950GX2 is, IMO, a downgrade compared to two 7900GTX AND a motherboard that supports dual 16x slots. Since the slot is only 16x, it will turn into a dual 8x, while two separate cards use the full 32x PCI-Express.At the same time, if your mobo is only dividing the 16x into dual 8x, it might be worth it, considering that it's price (At NewEgg converted in CAD) is the same as one 7900GTX(Bought locally).[Edited by DragonMaster on 2006-06-05 21:05:25]
crossfire851 said:
Wouldn't it just jumper the 16x by consuming more power. I think this should only be thought of if you are going to do "quad sli". Other then that it's a cheap high-end version of standered sli, imo.
bushwhacker said:
Oh, there will be no quad sli this time. Nvidia states that dual SLI in a board is enough, making it into quad sli is too complex.Accept it or go with ol'e reputated ATI RADEON X1900XT.I depend on ati because of their best work on board than nvidia. Nvidia is just jumped ahead and already had trouble.
crossfire851 said:
Running "quad sli" is highly piratical, really that is what this is. This card has two, that's right TWO graphic cards built in it(GeForce 7950 GX2). If you buy two of these your able to "quad sli". Read the form and click on the link in my early post.[Edited by crossfire851 on 2006-06-06 22:26:37]
Mictlantecuhtli said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote]Since the slot is only 16x, it will turn into a dual 8x, while two separate cards use the full 32x PCI-Express.[/quote]You think you see a difference between having 20 Gbps and 40 Gbps bandwidth with these graphics cards?
crossfire851 said:
Well we see some bench marks.......
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