LCDs that out perform CRTs already here?

By Justin Mann on June 14, 2006, 5:10 PM
Could the day when LCDs were finally able to overtake CRTs in sheer image quality be upon us? According to eCinema, their new “deep color” LCD not only meets the performance levels of a high quality CRT, but surpasses it in some aspects. Capable of supporting up to 48-bit color modes (currently using 36bit modes) and 4000 gray scales, it sounds capable of being able to produce rich colors and good gradients. The new beast also apparently has a contrast ratio of 30,000:1, more than 30 times the standard performance LCD screen. Last but not least, the LCD also apparently is able to do pure blacks with no issue, something that even some CRTs have difficulty with:

"It is well known that LCD displays did not until now produce the same deep blacks that were achievable when using a CRT. Color depth is, of course, the 8 bit bottleneck issue. Images on the screen -- at the pixel level -- are limited to a best-case of 256 levels between black and white. In other words, if you painted a gray scale you could, at most, see 256 steps. The reality of the matter is that due to calibration and gamma adjustments most displays can't do much better than about 200 steps between black and white."
Whether or not these claims have any merit is going to be completely up to the customer, and while many including myself still trust a CRT over an LCD for the quickest and most accurate imaging, LCDs are making great progress and soon may be the only choice for even gamers.

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DragonMaster said:
[quote]Capable of supporting up to 48-bit color modes (currently using 36bit modes) and 4000 gray scales,[/quote]A CRT can do infinite-bit of colors as long as the video card can support it and infinite gray scales.Seems pretty good, one problem : $$$. Pretty good CRTs are MUUUCH cheaper.
canadian said:
Can the human eye really notice all the differences though?
DragonMaster said:
Probably. Also, you might not notice it really at first, but once you get used to it, you'll find that other monitors have a bad picture. (Like me and sound systems : I can't listen to anything else than mine or better now.)By the way, it's easy to see that 32-bits is not enough with some games that have lots of gradients (Homeworld).[Edited by DragonMaster on 2006-06-14 19:59:19]
Julio said:
I have to agree there's still considerable room for improvement in LCDs. Although they have got MUCH better in the past few years, having owned 4 different panels in the past 4-5 years, just recently I sat down to work for a few minutes on a 5-year old graphics designer CRT I have laying around and immediately noticed that colors are much crisper and vivid than I'm used to.Still I wouldn't change my Dell 24" which in comparison to older LCDs has got better contrast, viewing angle and well it's 24 inches! :) Nevertheless I still do dual-display with an older crappier 19" Philips LCD which comes handy for multitasking.
DragonMaster said:
A difference with LCDs : You can have the same CRT monitor for 10 years and it should still work.
9Nails said:
Let's get that reviewed!!!I'm only slightly sad that it's a TV monitor and not a computer monitor. But it is interesting words that speak in the right direction.
seanp789 said:
These reference level LCDs we running at $50,000 a piece a few months ago. Don't expect one for Christmas.The ones I'm refering to were dual LED backlighting, 36". Hopefully ecinema found a cheaper way to produce them.I would love to see some high res HDR content on a screen like this.
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