Antec ups PSU warranties to 5 years

By Justin Mann on September 6, 2006, 8:21 PM
I used to be a huge fan of ThermalTake PSU's back in the day. As I started to get more into quiet computing, Antec's PSUs proved themselves again and again to be perfect fits for what I did. Good news for me and many others who are fans of the popular TruePower series, Antec, is upping the warranty for their performance-class units. Now, for the Neo HE series, from 380W to 550W, along with the TruePower series from 430W to 650W, will have lengthy five-year warranties.

The interesting thing is that those types of PSUs are aimed at enthusiasts, and the average enthusiast-built machine has a much shorter lifespan than 5 years, and is also typically put under a lot more stress than a typical desktop. The warranty includes the SLI variants of those PSUs, and puts Antec's warranty in-line with other performance-psu manufacturers.

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PanicX said:
An enthusiast's main PC might have a shorter life than many, but components such as the case and PSU are upgraded far less than others, eg CPU, mobo, Video card. Besides, when you finally do upgrade the PSU, it's nice to know that you have a quality warrantied spare available for troubleshooting.
fuzzylogik said:
This would be comforting if the NEO 480 wasn't a piece of crap. I've gone through two of these PSUs (I'm still waiting on the last return) over the course of a year and a half. After I received an RMA, I called Antec and told them that I wanted a replacement that was different but comparable (I suggested the TruePower 480, a downgrade); I wasn't trying to get rip them off. Not only did they tell me they WOULDN'T do that, when I asked they REFUSED to transfer me to a supervisor (who sometimes has more wiggle room). They've just lost a dedicated Antec purchaser.
zephead said:
i've built many a computer with the neo HE supplies. the neo 550 can handle anything up to and including dual 7600gt's in SLI. not to mention the quietness.if i need more power, i turn to pc power and cooling
shanecanuk said:
after 8 years building computers for private use I see no reason to buy a product that isn't even as reliable as oem, my two penny worth ? buy another brand.
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