120 Million PS3s to be sold by 2012?

By Justin Mann on November 21, 2006, 12:54 PM
Could the PlayStation 3 end up being one of the best selling consoles of all time, despite Sony's extremely short-sighted release? Some analysts are predicting that the new console will sell 120 million units by 2012, which is nearly 24 million units a year. That's more than three times what the Xbox 360 has sold so far this year. Could they really do it? In the long term, Strategy Analytics says yes:

“Sony will sell everything it can make of its new system. But Microsoft has already had a year in the market to cream off early adopters, so the next few weeks will demonstrate how much pent-up demand there really is for the Xbox 360, and how many disappointed PS3 buyers are willing to switch camps,” said David Mercer, principal analyst for Strategy Analytics.
The statement itself is bold, and it remains to be seen if Sony will be able to fix their supply issue anytime soon. Assuming they do, will the PlayStation 3 still have high marketability in 6 years? I don't see consoles from 2000 selling like hotcakes today, and though I'm sure the PS3 will pick up sales the next few years, I find 120 million a bit far fetched. For the Wii and the 360, they are reporting they will total 23 million and 60 million respectively.

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nathanskywalker said:
Possible, but I doubt it.
santiago said:
"will the PlayStation 3 still have high marketability in 6 years? I don't see consoles from 2000 selling like hotcakes today"You may like to check the sales of the PlayStation 2, ps2s are selling like hot cakes after 6 years of life, selling better than the xbox 360, even has more sales in 2006 than the xbox and 360 together have in the same period of time."and though I'm sure the PS3 will pick up sales the next few years, I find 120 million a bit far fetched"why 120 millions sound unreal?the ps2 in 6 years sold 111 millions, and still have december to reach the 120.On the other side, i see the 360 selling 60 million, a little hard to believe, the xbox only sold 24 millions, for reach the 60 millions microsoft has to sell 2.5 times more 360 than xbox, and considering that the xbox 360 is selling slower than the original xbox, in other words, the 360 has fewer sales in the first year than the xbox has in the first year.i really think microsoft screw really bad, when rush the 360 after only 3 years of xbox console-life, my friend buy his xbox a few months after xbox live launch, enjoy it a little more than a year until he suddenly see how microsoft pull the support from the xbox, stop manufactering, development, software... halo 2 mark the dead of the xbox, 2005 was all 360, microsoft left behind the xbox.they need to learn something from sony, 6 years console-life, and full support and development many years after, the psone stop manufactering just last year, good game suport, even now 6 years older the ps2 have 2 great games releases, Final Fantasy XII y Bully.buy a console for less than 2 years of games and suport, im sorry about my friend, or buy a console for a decade of great games and suport. after you think about this, you understand why the ps2 sell 111 million and the xbox only 24.
nimo333 said:
I'm betting this is of how PS3 going to affect Sony's stock market:In 2007 a huge increase2008 stable at first then a slight decrease2009 a decrease2011 doesn't affect Sony's stocks anymoreSo, Sony is going to produce most of its PS3's in 2007&2008.However, this above will change if Sony makes imporovements to their product in the future.
9Nails said:
I kind of agree with the report, somewhat. But I don't think that it's anything that Sony is doing with the PS3 that will drive its sales. I think more along the lines of the fact that HD TV Sets are falling by 30% in price each year. Several years from now HD TV Sets will be affordable enough to replace Standard Definition. At that time, more American's will make the shift to High Definition content. And the PS3 with the built-in BD drive can deliver some of that. Perhaps with a lower price tag it will become an attractive choice in 2009.
shl0791 said:
perhaps one of the reasons the PS2 has sold so many units is because many people have to replace their defective ones with new ones. Or that they wanted the "slim" version. I know I have gone through 3 ps2's so far. I will not get a 4th one.
TImeParadoX said:
Why 3 PS2s? I had the same one since it released and it runs perfect... Seems other people are breaking their PS2s on purpose or somethingWell the PS3 is very possible of selling that many units because the best of the best games are coming out for it like Assassin's creed
ThomasNews said:
I don't think PS2 was $600 at launch though ;)
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