AllOfMp3 responds to RIAA's $1.65 Trillion lawsuit

By Justin Mann on December 28, 2006, 11:09 AM
What do you do if the RIAA files a $1.65 Trillion lawsuit against you? Well, so far, only AllOfMp3 has been targeted for such an obscenely large amount of money, and their response is to do basically nothing. Insisting, as usual, that they are operating within the laws of Russia, AllOfMp3 responded to RIAA with an aura of indifference:

"AllofMP3 understands that several U.S. record label companies filed a lawsuit against Media Services in New York," an unnamed "senior company official" stated. "This suit is unjustified as AllofMP3 does not operate in New York. Certainly the labels are free to file any suit they wish, despite knowing full well that AllofMP3 operates legally in Russia. In the mean time, AllofMP3 plans to continue to operate legally and comply with all Russian laws."
The RIAA is known for their scare tactics, and AllOfMp3 is known for their ability to dodge being shut down at every turn. This may turn out to be an interesting battle, indeed. No word on whether or not AllOfMp3 intends to show up in the U.S. for court, though most likely they will not. What will the RIAA do then? Knowing them, they'll probably try to force the hands of ISPs to block access to the site, or something similar. Regardless, it's going to be interesting watching these two battle it out.

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9Nails said:
I hope AllofMP3 wins! As much as I would love to see a victory go to someone else, I would love the chance to hear the RIAA cry about losing this lawsuit and making AllofMP3 a legit store with realistic prices.Thanks Justin / TechSpot, watch this one carefully. And let us know of any news!
spydercanopus said:
Since when did "artists" make trillions of dollars?? "Oh look at me dance and sing. La da dee!" *CHA-CHING*
zephead said:
this just proves that the RIAA is trying to perpetuate a monopoly in the music industry. i think they're going after these guys because they charge far less than other companies, thus jeopardizing the record company's oh-so-precious profits.
black_death said:
You know what would be fun? Now this is just an idea but here goes: why doesn't the RIAA stop sueing it's costumers and start giving some of their lawsuit funds towards the people who actually make the music. AllOfMP3 I have your back.
mkatz2m said:
Accept the fact that the RIAA is a communistic cartel militaristic in approach that will keep fighting to thedeath. I venture to think that if AllofMP3 type sites existed in the US with similar pricing and features, the record companies would probably make much more since they could disband funding for the RIAA and would sell 100 times more music than now. Realistic music lovers do not think $1.00 a song is reasonable. Love live AllofMP3!
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