RIAA admits 70 cents per download is correct

By Justin Mann on January 4, 2007, 8:58 PM
The outrageous claim of “$750 lost per download” figure that the RIAA touts (which is a figure imposed by them based upon law, not what they penned) has been denied by themselves, and for the first time they have given us some actual figures as to how much they calculate they lose due to pirating. According to the statement, it seems that in court it has been made clear that 70 cents per song is an accurate figure. Interesting. I wonder if the publication of these documents will have an impact on the numerous lawsuits the RIAA files each year.

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syber said:
Looks like they got caught claiming damages way in excess of what the real costs were. This would be purgery and they got caught. But because the RIAA is an American company they are no longer held by statutes like purgery. Another purgery item in these suits is that they name the individual who did the download when they know they never saw who was seated at the computer. To name the individual as the one and not really know who it was is very much a lie. Directv did the same thing even saying people who "had" paid for programming never did. Many of these suits are fraudulent and the filing attorney is lying. It is notable that we now condone this practice here in the United States. More distressing is the confidential agreement which is signed to close such a suit. Some confidential agreements take away constitutional rights and protections afforded all Americans. Mine took the right to petition the government of crimes that occurred in the process. These attorney's are playing with fire and the rights of citizens. [Edited by syber on 2007-01-06 20:44:35][Edited by syber on 2007-01-06 20:46:04]
zephead said:
the RIAA is based on this idea. in the past, limited technology has allowed companies to make awesome profits on the distribution of music, and a small percentage of that money actually went to the artists. now, thanks to new technology, the tables have turned, and it is only the RIAA's greedy pursuit of money that keeps them operating.i expect to see a lot more stuff like this to happen before the RIAA finally does down, but it's nice to see it finally happening.i am a musician myself and i am definitely in the majority when i say that the RIAA is simply a greedy money-hungry organization. they don't care about the music or the fans at all. they just want to make a profit off it like they did in the old days. wake up and move on to live performances guys!
Michel Merlin said:
« The outrageous claim of “$750 lost per download” figure that the RIAA touts... »Candle makers should sue for $1 damage on every electric bulb lamp sold. Horse car makers should sue for $10,000 on each automobile car sold. Stone age-like hunters should sue hypermarkets for $100 on each pound of meat sold - or even for a monopoly on meat selling: after all, some of their parents did success getting in some US states a golden monopoly on casinos!Paris, Sun 7 Jan 2007 14:22:40 +0100
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