AMD says Barcelona will clobber Clovertown

By Justin Mann on January 24, 2007, 8:49 PM
Could AMD's answer to Core be right around the corner? According to them, their planned Quad-core Barcelona, scheduled to be here in a few months, will not only be faster than existing Core based CPUs, but also come out ahead of Intel's Xeon 5300 series. And not just by a small margin, either, but considerable amounts:

"We expect across a wide variety of workloads for Barcelona to outperform Clovertown by 40 percent," Allen said. The quad-core chip will also outperform AMD's current dual-core Opterons on "floating point" mathematical calculations by a factor of 3.6 at the same clock rate, he said.
They can only talk, right now, because the chip is as of yet unreleased, but on paper it's always appeared to be a strong chip. With built in L3 cache, a core architecture revision, 65nm process and a host of others, it promises a lot. Will it deliver? The waiting is almost over, and AMD will be put to the test. Can they get back on top, or will Intel put them to shame?

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mirob said:
Load of crap to please investors that are loosing money in a price war AMD can only loose.[url]
m/0,,51_104_543_13743~103048,00.html[/url]Just last year they said 65nm would be 40% better and it's what? [b]ZERO PERCENT![/b][Edited by mirob on 2007-01-24 21:46:34]
PanicX said:
Your propoganda is potent as usual mirob, but your jump to conclusions is disheartening. Perhaps you can point to an article that supports your zero percent declaration. Using absolutes like "AMD can only loose." makes me think you're not being rational. Any one who looks at the history between the chip companies can see that AMD was clearly ahead for a good deal of time during the P4 era in terms of product and pricing. To believe its impossible for AMD to create a superior product than Intel is foolish.That being said, I've been very impressed with Intel's Core2 Duo and am skeptical that AMD's claims retain any merit. At this point it is simply market hype, however I don't doubt that AMD can make a better chip.
howzz1854 said:
i agree with PanicX, looking at the situation from an objective point of view, AMD is only playing catch up right now. it seems they're coming out with a chip that's only in comparison to intel's current gen chip. if their next Gen chip isn't faster than Intel's Core micro architecture, i'd be worried about AMD as a company. who's to say that intel's nex generation or revision of chip won't be twice if not even faster than what AMD's K8L. what AMD needs to aim for is releasing a product that's competable with two generations down the road, if not at least one and half. and keep on improving their innovations. they've made a tramendous mistake sitting on their ass on the K8 articheture for too long thinking Intel would forever burry themselves in the P4 netburst era.
mirob said:
The 65nm process has only lower TDP so far. That [url=,,
1_104_543_13743~103048,00.html]press release[/url] I linked to made it sound like big improvements were coming.They now say 40% faster than Clovertown, but what Clovertown? The fastest, or the slowest. They don't say. It really doesn't matter because Yorkfield is K8L's competition.I do think this is to help cover up the big financial problems at AMD. If it's true or not it will be hard to tell without knowing more of the specifics (like clock to clock comparisons.)
PanicX said:
I can't say that I've come across a press release where a tech company doesn't hype their product, it actually wouldn't make much sense to undersell yourself in such a competitive market. If AMD is making the claim that it is 40% faster than the Intel Clovertown, I would expect that AMD's fastest chip is 40% faster than the current best Clovertown chip. Otherwise, IMO, the statement doesn't hold any merit.Now, I'm not a financial analyst, but looking at AMD's last SEC filings, I can't understand what big financial problem's they're experiencing that you are referring to. In fact, they paid out 27 million in employee stock based compensation and purchased ATI. Their revenue increased 33% while operating costs only increased 9%. [url=
aspx?dcn=0001193125-07-010956&Type=HTML]What am I missing here ? [/url]
compX said:
PanicX, good call I belive only some of what AMD says, but in this case, they know it is a do or die situation. AMD continues to hold the lower price points for chip price. Dell and many other system builders are picking them up for desktops as well as servers. It is obvious that Intel will always have the upper hand, they have an almost infinite amount of money to burn through, so new fabs and new R&D are a drop in the bucket. AMD may not catch up in this generation or the next but, if they can at least match the performance of Intel chips then I consider it an impressive feat.
Julio said:
Be very careful with your comments, no personal flaming will be permitted and will most likely get you banned.
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