Sony preps for round two of worldwide PS3 launch

By Justin Mann on January 25, 2007, 7:01 PM
The scope of the PS3 launch will soon reach its highest point, as Sony prepares for more launches this March. Ultimately reaching worldwide, on March 23rd Sony will begin offering the console in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia. While Sony is giving glowing reviews to their U.S. launch, we all know better and going to just about any retailer will see unopened PS3s collecting dust. Will the console fare better overseas? Given that the PAL versions will be even more expensive, I somehow doubt it:

Already there is some grumbling about the fact that the PAL-compliant consoles will cost more than their NTSC cousins. The 60 gigabyte version of the system -- the only one being released in March -- sells for US$599. Sony will charge 599 euros ($776), Pounds 425 ($837), AU$999.95 (US$777) or NZ$1,199.95 (US$839) for the PAL-ready units.
Will these launches be a repeat of November's U.S. launch? Sony had better hope not. I'm not buying in to Sony's market speak, though it is almost sad to see a console with so much potential be ruined by poor deployment.

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craigwatanabe said:
The marketing department of Sony that handled the launch of the PS3 should be fired.First they launched it when the PS2 went on a Slim Fast diet in size and price making it one hell of a deal for a gaming system that can play DVDs and game online.Second they launched it when there was a huge surplus of PS2 machines out there.Third, the PS3 was over priced making the PS2 and even other gaming systems more desireable.I think everyone knows here that he who buys the initial sale of a gaming system pays for the R&D then is the guinea pig for further "beta" testing of an inferior product. When the bugs are worked out the price invariably drops and the system much improved leaving those who had to have it in the first round with an expensive and bug-riddled first version. Yeah first kid on the block to get a PS3 but also the first person to be called FOOL!Give Sony a year to work the bugs out and drop the price of the PS3 or just use your friend's one. I remember when Costco sold a Sharp DVD player for $199 years ago and I thought that was such a great deal. Now you can pick them up at Home Depot for $39 and it does even more!
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