Office and Vista bring in record profits for Microsoft

By Justin Mann on April 27, 2007, 2:09 PM
Love it or hate it, each iteration of Windows and Office quickly becomes ubiquitous in work and home environments. To that end, despite many businesses refusing to upgrade and poor sales in many countries, the release of Windows Vista and Office 2007 have been nothing but a boon to Microsoft who are pulling in record profits. For the quarter, revenue for Microsoft was up $14.4 Billion. In fact, it seems that not even Microsoft was expecting such a success:

Revenues from Vista and Office even outperformed Microsoft's internal forecasts. Vista revenues were $300 million to $400 million higher than expected, while Office 2007 sales figures were $200 million above Microsoft's internal targets.
This all comes despite that their entertainment division, responsible for the Xbox and the Zune, is not faring as well. They don't expect this momentum to carry, but are still expecting strong profits from Vista and Office 2007 in the future.

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phantasm66 said:
Vista is superb I think. I don't see what everyone is moaning about. Its given Windows a much needed update, and if its making good profits for Microsoft then good for them - they worked on Vista for years, and even had the good sense to run a public beta test program. I think they are doing well.
nathanskywalker said:
Somewhat surprising to me; however, I guess most people don't realize there are BETTER alternatives out there. That said Vista, flawed as it is (disgustingly so in my opinion ;) is still more user friendly to the common user. For even mid level users I would seriously not recommend wasting your money until MS at least shows it's first service pack, yikes< No I don't like Vista, lol.
PanicX said:
Honestly it only makes sense that this release would be a success. There's simply greater and greater demand for PC's as the years go by, therefore more and more Vista licenses will be sold, as many machines don't have the option of coming without Vista.Personally, I don't see any worthy benefit to upgrading to Vista, and continue to have more issues with the operating system that there really should be. Quirky things like the clipboard being cleared whenever a new message is opened in outlook, the inability to make FTP shortcuts open directly in Windows Explorer, and the UAC disconnecting your Remote Assistance sessions, really drive me crazy. Just to name a few.
windmill007 said:
Vista is not surperb unless you have never used windows before. It is just a prettied up XP. If thats what you like then by all means enjoy. For the rest of us who use our windows for actual productivity I'll take speed and reliability anyday which XP delivers. Maybe a few years down the road Vista will provide the same. Highly doubt it but if all these newbies buying new computers continue to use Vista .. us pros will be forced to use it too just to help the newbies out.
phantasm66 said:
[quote]It is just a prettied up XP[/quote]I'd disagree. If you look into it, you will see that "under the hood" there are a great number of changes, including a new TCP/IP stack. A great amount of old, out of date code (some of which had been kicking around since 9x) has been removed and replaced.I've seen no issues whatsoever with performance or speed, these things are myths or what people have experienced running betas and release candidates - the final version is just fine.
PanicX said:
[b]Originally posted by phantasm66:[/b][quote]If you look into it, you will see that "under the hood" there are a great number of changes, [/quote]I'll say! If it was just another Windows 2000 Service pack, then there wouldn't be nearly as many driver and application compatibility issues.
bighead2007 said:
I had a chance to play around with Vista and I had some mixed views on it, I had a hard time with the some software functioning with Vista, such as Sonic, (writing/burning app.) but overall its a good look, I also heard that MS will stop pre-loading XP on PCs cometh January 08Is this true
howzz1854 said:
dell has reinstated the XP prebundle back onto its website due to people's high demand over Vista. vista sure "can" be great, just not yet, it's still at its infant age. lets not forget when XP first came out in 2000, it was nothing but issues and performance hits. but look where it's at now, by far the most stable and reliable, best windows yet.the 32 bit version vista runs fine for most users, however, for serious work flow under 64 bit, vista is still far away from being done. it still needs a lot more work in the oven.
phantasm66 said:
[b]Originally posted by howzz1854:[/b][quote]ets not forget when XP first came out in 2000, it was nothing but issues and performance hits. but look where it's at now, by far the most stable and reliable, best windows yet.[/quote]A very good point. And one that I have been making repeatedly to all the Vista-skeptics.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Sure, they get record profits by selling Windows and Office for three dollars.[url=
ft to offer three dollar Windows[/url]
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