More information on AMD's RS780 chipset revealed

By Justin Mann on July 30, 2007, 7:55 PM
With AMD's acquisition of ATI, they have been pushing a lot more to get back into the chipset business, particularly on the desktop end. With that, new details regarding the upcoming RS780 chipset have been released.

Most notably, the new chipset will be based around the AM2+ processor and features a HyperTransport 3.0 bus, remote management support on the business end, a redesigned south bridge and UVD support. Important for low-cost machines or business machines, the onboard GPU that can come with this chipset will be capable of using dedicated memory, a significant advantage over shared memory designs.

Other than that, there's nothing particularly impressive to note about it. All PCIe host support moves into the RS780 natively, with the south bridge (SB700) handling only PCI and other I/O such as the SATA ports, of which the SB700 supports a total of 14.

Considering how brutally amazing the nForce series of chipsets has been for quite some time now in the desktop market, particularly amongst enthusiasts, AMD is going to have a hard time cracking the ice there.

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mickrussom said:
I don't know why people think about AMD much right now. If you check out benchmarks, the Opteron 2222 machines (3.0 GHZ) don't have a prayer at beating the 5160/X6800, in either FP or INT. Especially INT since almost everything you want to run fast is INT, the video cards do all the important vector and FP math.How bad is the fastest opteron 3.0ghz at INT?[url]
6-20070319-00686.html[/url]BASE: 13.5PEAK: 14.9At FP?:[url]
6-20070319-00687.html[/url]BASE: 14.3PEAK: 15.2How good are Xeon 5160s at INT?:BASE: 19.1PEAK: 21.0[url]
6-20070707-01376.html[/url]FP?:BASE: 17.1PEAK: 17.7[url]
6-20061127-00155.html[/url]I also only trust base measurements, because peaks are hacks at compiler options to make code a perfect instructions mix for the CPU arch, which almost never happens in real life.I don't know why people suddenly think AMD is competitive, its not.Its maximum wattage outputs are far higher, they cost more and have random sockets, now its 940-AM2 and F-1207, they have a huge family of sockets before now, which is stupid (and hurt AMD, especially getting rid of 940 and 939 and working against the Opteron 1xx sales).If you put together a gaming rig which you aren't overclocking this year and its not Intel - I feel bad for you. I have an X6800 and a 8800GTX, and I've had them for 6 months. Nothing AMD/ATI has done even registers on my radar as a remote threat. This will not change throughout this year except for the new crop of 1333MHz FSB CPUs.AMD scales better due to integrated memory controller. This scales better when you put more than 2 sockets in a box. Who cares, no one games with 4 socket motherboards.Intel had Netburst, which put AMD ahead - way ahead. Now Intel has Woodcrest/Conroe, which could potentially get AMD to quit making silicon if they cant catch up.See:"AMD considering getting out of fabrication business"[url]
l]Conroe is potentially AMD-ending event. For myself, I have a host of Intel and AMD machines at home and at work, and I can say for 1-2 socket motherboards, AMD doesn't even exist anymore.AMD buying ATI really means the end for ATI. Intel will displace ATI with the Larrabee architecture, and defeat ATI by Larrabee-2. Goodbuy ATI cards - your drivers STUNK (and still do), your cards are always lagged behind Nvidia and there is no compelling reason to look at you anymore. AMD buying you caused layoffs and nothing good comes of that.
mickrussom said:
Oh, and ATI chipsets, I know now a single person who uses them, and any buzz I've heard is about them being buggy as hell. KOD.
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