Microsoft offers discounted Office 2007 Ultimate to students

By Justin Mann on September 13, 2007, 11:13 AM
It isn't often that I find something to praise Microsoft on. This, however, I might. Launching a new program called “The Ultimate Steal”, Microsoft is giving college students a chance to get a legal copy of Office 2007 Ultimate for a mere $59.95 – less than a copy of Office Basic goes for in retail. That's a significant discount, and brings the suite low enough that it might encourage many students to go about getting legal copies rather than pirating.

Or, perhaps, from choosing an alternative suite. Microsoft's intentions may exactly be that, trying to encourage people to stick with MS Office than go with alternatives, but even if that is the case this program is definitely interesting. The offer remains open to anyone who can demonstrate they are a student, and lasts until 2008. It isn't a worldwide offer, extending only to Canada, the U.K., the U.S., France, Italy and Spain. There may still be some caveats included – it isn't mentioned, for instance, if the license for Office remains valid after someone is no longer attending college.

You can read the full press release at Microsoft's site or read about the program itself at the ”Ultimate Steal” site.

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swker98 said:
maybe they will do this for windows or other MS software to boost sales
PanicX said:
7 years or so ago when I was in college, Microsoft had a promotion where I purchased 1 Windows 2000 pro license, 1 Office 2000 pro license, 1 Frontpage 2000 license and the installation media for ... $33.00 USD. At the time I thought it was a great deal in regards to the current pricing of licenses for those titles, however in the end I think it degraded my opinion of the value of the software as I can't justify the retail costs of any of their products any more. I tend to think that this "discount" pricing is actually far closer to what the market value of the product really is, and don't think I'd have any ethical dilemma in forging student status to obtain a license.
miyu said:
Its not too hard to get the product from friends who go to university or college. There are even stores which sell educational versions here. I don't see anything wrong in using the product. I personally use Student versions because its just for my personal use. Microsoft and many other software firms overprice their products. The software companies claim that piracy is the cause them to raise the prices for their products yet its just made it worse. If they price their products fairly, people are more likely going to buy it.
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