Why isn't Vista loved as much as XP?

By on January 16, 2008, 4:30 PM
Lately there are a lot of articles bashing Windows Vista for its lack of driver support, stability or poor performance. All of these concerns are true just like all previous Windows versions.

I remember sites cropping up left and right back in 2001 that were dedicated to showing consumers how to get hold of Windows XP drivers and if your hardware was even compatible! At the time Windows XP was completely new, Windows 98/ME drivers didn't work on this new OS - you needed either new hardware or hope that the manufacturer would code (beta) drivers for your devices. In my case I had a very expensive 10/100MBit Ethernet card from HP (the name escapes me, it's 7 years ago!) and I emailed customer service about lack of driver support and they told me they would never release one and it was being discontinued, despite the driver being included in all "Whistler" builds right up until about the 24xx releases.
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jhill3d said:
We have 12 vista machines running in a full production environment. Some doing video, some doing graphics, so doing 3D rendering. No real problems at all. Productivity is up and business is good. I think it's just popular to bash MS - it makes some feel better.
Julio said:
I have to agree Vista is rock solid for me except when 'TrustedInstaller' shoots up for no good reason to take over a complete CPU's core, although that hasn't happened to me in a long time now.For PCs/laptops older than 2-3 years I wouldn't recommend upgrading over XP either because of the steeper hardware requirements.
canadian said:
Honestly, I think people hate it because its trendy to hate it, and it makes them feel like they know more than all those suckers that got tricked into paying Microsoft money for the new OS. Vista is a GREAT OS, as long as you have a computer that doesn't suck. But, as technology advances, so to must the OS. If the OS didn't advance, we would still have computers as powerful as 10 years ago.
phantasm66 said:
I've got Dell Vostro 1500 2GB RAM T7100 centrino duo and I find Vista fine.It ALSO runs just fine on my aging 2GB RAM Thinkpad T42....Maybe its the RAM, I dunno.... but all is well and always has been.I do wish people would stop bashing Vista... it sounds quite immature to me, actually. And people are being very judgmental - are you SURE its Vista causing your problems, not the fact that you did something stupid, or didn't read the manual / compatibility info?Vista has a number of very good updates, and has given Windows a much needed refreshment. I do wish people would get that into their heads and stop jumping on the "lets hate Vista coz everyone else says they do" bandwagon - its like being back in school or something.
bushwhacker said:
I just hate the vista, the particular reason of their new system specification pisses me off.Also, the games and applications runs better on 2000/XP than Vista. There is too much features in Vista that we don't even need.So.. welcome to XP's world.
nathanskywalker said:
Personally I don't remember Xp having anywhere near as much trouble as vista is. Microsoft also pumped vista up way to much for all that it was. It really just is not that impressive. The new security features are a joke, it sucks for gaming, but it is pretty ;). Really, it requires way to much for what you get.
jhill3d said:
I can sum up everyone who is having problems with Vista. It's called a PICNIC. Problem In Chair Not In Computer. wOOt!
windmill007 said:
This is the second time I encountered a brand new vista laptop not wanting to conenct to a wireless network. it shows up but won't connect. All xp laptops work fine. Nope its not a configuration problem. Do a search and other people are haveing the same problem with vista and there is no answer but to get a different router and this is a brand new linksys. Stupid crap like this just makes no sense and reinforces my hate of vista. Not because its trendy just because it doesn't work right. Vista is for newbies and people who want to sound trendy but real world power users know how bad vista really is. Oh and this brand new toshiba laptop with 2 gigs of ram and higher end processor....uhh can we say slow. I keep telling them we should put xp on it for speed and reliability but they have been brainwashed into thinking vista is better...naive newbies...LOL[Edited by windmill007 on 2008-01-17 12:48:08]
phantasm66 said:
Maybe I am just getting old, or something, but EVERY TIME Microsoft brings out a new generation of OS, people moan.Seriously.. its been going on as far back as Windows 95 as far as I can remember... the problem just seems bigger now that the internet is more established and people can get together and complain more.A new OS generation ALWAYS upsets people. Once you are starting to become an old fart like me you will see that.
papercut_2008 said:
I have 2 Vista machines, one a laptop and one a desktop (check my account for specs). I have had no problems with either, and I find the interface to much cleaner and more useful than XP. People just love to hate Microsoft because they are successful, or they whine because their machine sucks.
windmill007 said:
I kinda like they new office interface. It actually makes some sense. Vista The layout just seems so wrong. Its just to much work to get where you want. I believe what many have said. The OS shouldn't stand out and be like I am here..It should just be in the background letting you get done what you want as fast as possible. Trying to get around in vista other than basic crap is like trying to go up a icy hill. You don't get any where fast. And if you like flash over productivity you probable like it. I'm not saying thats the only reason to love or hate but for me its a very big reason not to like it. I think they should of built on the XP interface and not designed something way out there. Not saying new can't be better but in this case I think they did us wrong. What they need is a option to use the XP interface on vista. Now that would be cool and I might actually try it! Notice all the other windows were the same and just built upon in the next realease but vista is the only different one? I'm talking about only the interface now.And the one big reason our company won't upgrade to vista. We like to run our Intranet on the desktop of all our PC's. Its basically a webpage and uses active desktop. Why can't I do that on vista? Vista dropped active desktop.[Edited by windmill007 on 2008-01-17 13:25:46]
mkatz2m said:
For me, after Beta testing Office 2007 last year at work, I decided I hate the ribbon menu system with a passion. At work, we still have Office 2003, which looks/works fine. I have not played with Vista yet, but if it is anything like Office 2007, I personally will never upgrade to it or buy a new computer with Vista on it. I have a newer machine at home that could definitely work fine with Vista, but I plan to keep XP on it until Microsoft cuts support of it. I am playing with Ubuntu Linux on an older machine, and basicly Ubuntu is getting so friendly and easy, I plan to put that on the new machine. Currently, on all our machines at home, we use Open Office and Firefox anyway on XP and the switch to Linux would be easy for browsing and office type work.
buddycompsys said:
I don't think people were that unhappy with XP, so when Vista came out, and we had some problems with drivers and compatability. They wanted XP back!
hrowder said:
I built a new machine (AMD Dual core 6000, 4gig of Ram and 2 ATI 2600's with dual Samsung 226bw monitors), and put Vista 64 on it because it seemed a waste to use a 32bit operating system with a dual core 64bit processor. It hooked right up to my network (bonus!) and ran fine for most things, but I did have some driver issues which took a while to iron out (Logitech webcam in a couple of apps mostly which were as much ATI driver issues as they were Logitec webcam drivers, but Itunes burning software too). Now that all the drivers have come down the pike that are needed/updated for my machine I'm pretty happy with it. I havent really had any issues with games with it either (Play FPS's mostly...) but I play solo so can't really say how it would do if I was online gaming, though it is pretty zippy for most internet stuff. It sometimes is a hassle to do things to the operating system when changing things because they put 'em in different places than XP did, but aside from that it has run well and not gorked on me.
9Nails said:
I have an Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz, 2 Gig RAM on a Gigabyte GA-X38T with RAID 0 Stripe between Raptor 150's, ATi 650 Pro PCIe TV Tuner and a GeForce 8800 GTX - Vista 64 Ultimate runs perfect on this. My problems with Vista are: a) Does not work with iPod or card reader slot (work around is to find usbstor.inf and install it.) b) Does not work with Office 2003 MDI documents. It silently refuses to install this printing service.c) Random crashes starting applications. Resolved by launching the app a second time.d) User Account Control is highly annoying, which I quickly disabled.e) Some applications (iTunes etc.) don't work without "tweaks" (iTunes needs GEAR Driver).f) Documentation out of date, I.E. No longer needed to install HD Audio prior to audio chip driver.g) Expensive, but no tangible improvements over XP other than appearance.h) Insomnia: Vista won't sleep on this computer - wakes up at random!i) Having to learn new ways to do old things - I.E. Dual Boot.j) ATI has worthless tech support and can't professionally support Vista, they fumble every opportunity. In ATI's dazzling confusion, they just might even send you XP troubleshooting steps to preform under Vista!Some things that I do like about Vista 64 Ultimate:a) Windows Media Center is excellent. (Night vs. day superiority to ATI's CMC in XP)b) Applications start quicker (perhaps it's just the hardware, but apps launch feels faster on Vista.)c) Media can now be set as your wall paper.d) The feeling that Vista has better security than XP.e) Mahjong Titans added, other games get a face lift and look great.f) DirectX 10 - makes my games look sexy.Bottom line: Vista does have some outstanding issues, most now have work-around's. Some of the issues are with vendor support unwilling to step-up to the learning curve. It's upsetting that industry leaders ATI and Apple should have such a difficult time getting their drivers or applications to work under Vista. Even Microsoft has abandoned Office 2003 in favor that you pay to fix issues buy purchasing Office 2007. And quite honestly this lack of support provides fuel for the reason to stay in XP.Vista is quite excellent but maddening is that not everything will work under Vista. This isn't to say that Vista isn't supported, its more like it isn't embraced. Perhaps Microsoft should have taken more developers out to lunch?
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