Blu-ray grabs 93% of market after Warner's announcement

By on January 22, 2008, 4:10 PM
Blu-ray was already outselling HD DVD in terms of stand-alone players by about a 60/40 margin during the month of December – despite the fact that HD DVD players were considerably cheaper. But that split has grown dramatically following Warner Bros’ decision, according NPD unit sales data compiled by Digital Bits.

According to the charts, over 92.5 percent of buyers chose a Blu-ray device while less than 7.5 continued to buy HD DVD equipment. This does not include Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, which is believed to skew results further in favor of Blu-ray. Although the data only reflects one week of sales, the trend certainly isn't promising for backers of HD DVD technology and the many people who invested on HD DVD equipment.

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canadian said:
Well, time to buy a PS3 I guess....I feel so dirty...
windmill007 said:
I know me to..feeling dirty cuz I said I would never buy one but I just did. I bought the $399 model and its awesome. I can stream divx movies from my computer thru it and it upscales it to 1080p. For all it can do it is well worth that price. Heck you can even install linux if you want. My blueray movies are way to awesome. I paired that with a 46" Samsung 4665 LCD and it has to be the most amazing thing I've seen in my life. And no I haven't been suck in a cave. I've seen other HD and this has to be one of the best combos out there. Reseach it...U won't be dissapointed!
Deathstar17 said:
Good job MS, you had Sony where you wanted them and let them go...
bwchato said:
if blue ray is the format then count me out,i buy nothing that sony has their hands on and never will.
mc_milo said:
[b]Originally posted by bwchato:[/b][quote]if blue ray is the format then count me out,i buy nothing that sony has their hands on and never will.[/quote]Sony got greedy with the licenses for Beta format, so of course they don't wanna screw up again.
peas said:
I'm skipping the whole BlewRay/HD-DVD garbage. Network streaming all the way baby! (yes, that includes HD material) Plastic coasters and DRM are so '90s.
ThomasNews said:
The stats are skewed by free Blu-Ray players being included with HDTVs though;[url]
3[/url]A report from NPD Group claimed Blu-ray standalone player sales accounted for 93 percent of the high-def market for the week ending January 12, but NPD itself won't stand behind the numbers, saying they were leaked and that weekly sales data is not a long-term indicator...So what went on the week ending January 12 that led to such high numbers in Blu-ray standalone player sales? Bundling deals with HDTVs, explained Baker. Sharp Blu-ray players accounted for over 30% of sales, as they were offered free to buyers of the company's LCD televisions. Sony -- also accounting for one-third of sales -- had a similar $400-off deal for Blu-ray players when buying a Sony HDTV. Panasonic, like Sharp, offered a free Blu-ray player and made up for the remaining third of units sold. Samsung Blu-ray sales were almost non-existent, as the company did not offer any special deals to TV buyers...
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