Microsoft upset over Yahoo rejection

By Justin Mann on February 11, 2008, 9:28 PM
With Yahoo's rejection of the unsolicited Microsoft bid last week, smiles have turned to frowns at Redmond. Microsoft is dismayed over Yahoo's statements, saying that their rejection is unfortunate. On an official statement, the software giant is claiming that it is in Yahoo's best interest to join with them rather than tough it out. It also seems that Microsoft is in talks with Yahoo shareholders, perhaps coercing them to convince Yahoo execs to sign off on the deal.

If it is Yahoo's attempt to push the bid higher, it remains unclear whether or not that will happen. And even if partnering with Microsoft is on Yahoo's best interests, that does not guarantee a general acceptance from current Yahoo customers. Sometimes integration is just a bad idea.

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thejedislayer said:
I love how Microsoft is trying everything they can to get a hold of Yahoo.
icye said:
Microsoft should leave its tentacles to themselves.I'm sure Microsoft really doesn't have Yahoo! best interest in mind when making such an offer. Its basically a takeover of Yahoo! intellectual property which I believe will be integrated into Microsoft's existing products.[Edited by icye on 2008-02-11 23:49:32]
Julio said:
I actually believe Microsoft would ditch MSN and Live for Yahoo, or make it look more like MSN Yahoo... Their ultimate interest would be to become #1 competitor to Google and in the long run try to steal Google's leading spot in online search and advertising.
alphaa10 said:
Microsoft claims it got an unsolicited offer from Yahoo, but Yahoo says MS made the first move. Based on MS''s public record of prevarication and creative spin-marketing, the MS record testifies against its own claim. In fact, Yahoo does not want to sell-- especially at a fire-sale price.The ugly truth is Microsoft already has failed in the market sector Yahoo serves much better. This rankles Microsoft, which usually enters a market by buyout, not innovation. Were there any real MS innovation in play, MS never would have had to offer to buy out Yahoo, in the first place.Despite what MS public relations flaks will tell you, Windows users are not MS boosters, but frustrated by the insecurity, crankiness, petty limitations and foibles of MS products. They got their Windows licenses by purchasing a computer, not by a study of the viable market alternatives, including Linux and Apple. Domination of the market channel always has been the key to MS success-- not product excellence.And most MS users already know how MS obtained its market share-- by hook, crook and buyout-- and feel as frustrated as those of any captive proprietary market. Such people welcome a fluid and competititve situation with multiple players, such as open source promises.MS, for its part, wants to reduce the field, and does not welcome competition. Consider theirs a hostile takeover bid.
icye said:
Microsoft is scared silly of being rendered IRRELEVANT in the online search market. Instead of investing intellectual resources to build their own search engine up, they want to swallow up a more successful competitor.I prefer a search engine such as Google that has a simple interface design and brings up relevant results in the short period of time, which both MSN and Yahoo! can't offer me at this time.
jesse_hz said:
[url][/url] looks pretty straightforward to me.
Suek said:
Does Microsoft gives anyone a break with a sale on operating systems? They're greedy. I hope they don't get Yahoo.
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