PC Gaming Alliance debuts at GDC

By on February 20, 2008, 5:15 PM
As expected, the PC Gaming Alliance have officially unveiled themselves at the GDC in San Francisco this week, formed by a group of major players in PC gaming, including developers, hardware manufacturers and software publishers.

Microsoft, Dell, AMD, Activision, Intel, Nvidia, Razer, Acer and Epic have all joined forces in order to “promote the PC gaming industry and the PC as a gaming platform” and will serve as a unified voice to combat the lack of reliable PC sales data, widespread piracy, and perhaps most importantly, standardize minimum system requirements.

This nonprofit organization has noble intentions, but other pointing out that many current games have incredibly high system requirements and a vague suggestion that it may be time to consider free-to-play models to combat piracy, there are still no specific details on how the alliance will champion PC gaming. We’ll have to wait and see how this develops.

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icye said:
All these companies are doing this because they stand to lose money if people don't play games on the computer. I play computer games but there is a certain point that enough is enough with constantly upgrading parts, just to meet the system requirements in order to get the most out of newer games.
thejedislayer said:
Well, I don't know all who is involved in this PC gaming alliance, unless it's just the companies named up there. However, I'm amazed more gaming companies haven't joined in. Seeing as how they also will affected by the decline in PC game selling.
icye said:
Other game companies have shifted their focus to the console market because they can make more money than with the computer market.The games market is the sole reason why nvidia and amd release newer video cards to make the current crop of games and future ones play at a reasonable frame rate. If people were to just internet, e-mail, office apps, there is no need for SLI or Crossfire. And then there is the situation with Windows Vista and the tie in with DX10 which is a sore point with many users.Computer games will always be better (which is subjective) but at a premium for those that can afford to upgrade all the time.[Edited by icye on 2008-02-21 12:20:03][Edited by icye on 2008-02-21 12:24:13]
thejedislayer said:
Can the gaming PC market be fixed or is it just one of the lost desperate attempts to hold on?
otester said:
Lack of innovation in new games.The industry, like the music & film ones have become all about the money.**** them.
thejedislayer said:
Well, I guess that blows to a big degree? Seeing as how I play computers games 97.9% of the time over Xbox etc.
gingerbill said:
whats with all the "oh the PC market is dying" nonesense? . WOW , Sims2 , the orange box , COD 4 , bioshock , guild wars , MTW2 , Football manager and oblivion have all sold silly amounts of copies on the PC recently (and some on xbox)and i could name alot more . Plus there's titles coming out next year that will sell millions off copies guaranteed . So its silly to say the PC market is dying while 10 million people play WOW on it . Just because you are jaded and bored of games doesnt mean everyone is.
uhatemedoncha said:
I agree with gingerball here. I don't see how anyone can say the pc gaming market is dying. What I am afraid of is the PC Gaming Alliance being made up of a group of corporations and everyone thinking that they are looking out for the gamer but I guess only time will tell. ON the other hand if they want to insure that they make money well into the future it may be in their best interest to make games that scale better and play smoother on current hardware. Maybe they'll slow the process enough for GPU companies to perfect current hardware instead of just creating a whole new set of problems with completely new gpus.
icye said:
If nvidia or AMD were told to slow down the production of newer GPUs, they will most likely leave this alliance. All hardware manufacturers are in the business to make a profit. To make a profit, they make deals with the game producers in order to sell their latest GPUs. Thats why we see the labels 'Plays best on Nvidia', etc before the game finishes loading.Nobody is talking about the PC gaming market is dying, its more that people can see that there are many areas that need immediate improvement in order to the computer games industry to evolve into something better.
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