Sony may no longer offer backwards-compatible PS3

By Justin Mann on February 21, 2008, 9:51 PM
Sony has had to sacrifice a lot with the PS3 in order to push sales forward and overcome competition. Since the console launch, prices have been cut prematurely, the processor has been given an overhaul, among other number of tactics and re-bundles. In a bit of backwards thinking though, Sony may decide to do without a feature that has been attractive to many previous PlayStation owners: backwards compatibility. If recent rumors are to be believed, Sony may stop offering any models of the PlayStation 3 that are able to play PS2 games.

The reason behind the move has been justified with claims that the increasing number of PS3 titles should more than compensate for the lack of backwards compatibility. Realistically, it is unlikely to impact sales after all, why would someone buy a PS3 with the sole intention of playing PS2 games? Consolidation in the console market might be an argument opposing this, but I doubt it has a big enough impact to worry Sony, especially now, after the demise of the HD DVD format, the PS3 becomes an even more attractive option with its built-in Blu-ray player.

It was just last month that the PS3 outsold the 360 month to month for the first time ever in the US, even coming very close to the reigning Wii.

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viperpfl said:
If someone chooses to play some of there PS2 games on a PS3, why can't they? Maybe once in awhile you want to play a older game. Games aren't cheap and just to throw them away because Sony don't want to support them is rediculous. Just seems to me it's a way for Sony to keep the money stream going instead of giving there customers what they want.
thejedislayer said:
Welcome to business.
icye said:
Sony will still make money off from ps2 console salesIt sucks to be a customer of Sony but their business decisions rarely take into consideration of the what the customer's wants are. I'm lucky to have an early ps3 that is able to play ps2 games though the thought of an update rendering ps2 games unplayable will be in the back of my mind.
Nirkon said:
this means that they will stop selling consoles with ps2 compatibility right?it doesn't mean that they will update current ps4s so they wouldn't be able to play ps2 games?
icye said:
Its something that will make people think twice about downloading and installing an update from Sony for their ps3.We have to remember this is the same company that secretly put rootkits onto people's computers without their prior knowledge until someone revealed what they were doing. Sony may or may not disclose what are some of the hidden things in their ps3 updates. I do cannot afford losing ps2 compatibility on my ps3 because I don't feel it is necessary to buy a ps2 console again.
jtickner1 said:
@icye,What are you on about? Your PS3 is not going to suddenly lose it's B/C over a firmware update or something
icye said:
Since all new ps3s won't play ps2 games anymore, whats stopping Sony from doing the same to earlier models? We have to realize, Sony and other big companies take little or no consideration toward their customers when making decisions.
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