Xbox 360 now cheaper than Nintendo Wii... in Europe

By on March 10, 2008, 2:48 PM
In a bid to attract more gamers to its platform and put pressure on their competitors Microsoft has slashed the price of its Xbox 360 console in Europe, officially making the casual gamer-oriented Xbox 360 Arcade bundle a cheaper buy than the highly popular Nintendo Wii.

The new prices will be 199 for the Arcade, 269 for the Premium, and 369 for the Elite console a drop of 80 Euros across the board. The move will (almost) line up prices with the rest of the world while taking into account a weakening US dollar. For example, the Arcade bundle, which sells for $279 in the US, will now sell for an equivalent of $305 in Euro markets, while prior to the cuts European customers had to pay something along the lines of $415.

By comparison, a Wii gaming console will set you back 249 in Europe which translates into about $385. No doubt Nintendo will watch carefully to see how consumers respond to this latest round of price cuts by Microsoft.

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Didou said:
I don't think Nintendo will keep an eye on this as they sell all the units they can send to the stores. It will certainly intrigue Sony though as they're said to be selling well with the 400 model they put out a few weeks ago.I'm tempted by the Xbox 360 Premium but I'm wondering if it's more reliable than the launch units & more silent, two things that the PS3 certainly has going for it right now.
buttus said:
I finally broke down and purchased my Xbox 360 last week after Microsoft lowered the price here in Canada. I must say that thus far I have been fairly impressed with the hardware as well as the games I picked up with the system (Halo 3, Gears of War). I must say that the day of PC gaming is coming to a close. I myself also built a high end rig during Christmas, running dual 3870's in crossfire mode, 4Gbs RAM, VIsta Ultimate 64-bit...and I cannot stress the beautiful simplicity of just turning on my Xbox and having it work right away. The convienence and ease of having the Xox in the living room is making me consider buying the Orange Box on Xbox again (I already have it for the PC) just to carpartmentalize what is entertainment in the living room, versus what is productivity or media playback on my PC.
icye said:
buttus, you're right when explaining the simplicity of running games on the console compared to running games on a computer. Thats the most likely reason why the computer gaming industry plays 2nd fiddle to the video game industry. Yes I admit that there are still games on the computer that are popular but a person would need to invest a lot of time to get those games running at their best on a computer. With a console, just load in the disc and start playing right away. There is no Windows Vista slowing things down or a corrupt driver causing havoc with the computer.
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