Microsoft confirms Blu-ray support

By on March 12, 2008, 12:24 PM
With the HD DVD high-definition video format dead, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer said it’s time “to move on” and has confirmed that they will indeed support the victorious Blu-ray disc format. In fact, the company is already working on “device driver support for Blu-ray drives and the like,” with more to come.

No word yet on whether Microsoft will offer a version of its Xbox 360 console equipped with an internal Blu-ray drive or offer an external drive at an additional cost the way it did with its plug-in HD-DVD player – if any. Ballmer believes that, while it might be important for Xbox 360 to have a high-def player today, more HD content could eventually be pushed over the Internet rather than delivered in a physical format. In any case, what’s certain is that as the PlayStation 3 continues to pick up steam, Microsoft will need to come up with a Blu-ray answer to continue competing.

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mirob said:
My blu-ray drive works so I have no clue what ""already working on “device driver support for Blu-ray drives and the like,” "" means. I hope that means media center support because spending $100 on a dumb player software is just crazy.
icye said:
It would turn off a lot of existing X-Box 360 users including me if Microsoft decided to offer an internal Blu-Ray drive on future consoles down the road. The more likely solution is an external drive, which I hope Microsoft will make it look more stylish than their previous HD-DVD offering. I still think that Microsoft should offer larger hard drives for their console so people can download hi-def content and store it on there. I don't think even with Blu-Ray's win in the hi-def war, there are still many serious doubts on its overall future success.
trinitibt said:
My PS3 was a solid entertainment investment. It was brilliant for Sony to put a 2.5 inch SATA drive in it. With the capacity of these small, cool and quite laptop drives increasing every few months I can enjoy the best of both HD worlds. They already have a 750GB drive out. 1TB will be out probably by the end of the year. Plus I can add on external drives for additional storage. Sony got it right from the getgo and now M$ has to play catch up and patch a comparable system together for its customers. I feel bad for the consumers that bought the hype. They will be out of much more money in the long run.
peas said:
"1TB will be out probably by the end of the year", in a 2.5" form factor? Are you smoking crack?Sorny hasn't "won" anything. Toshiba snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but that doesn't mean Sorny has the mental capacity to drive Blue Ray to wide adoption. They are already faltering two months into their supposed victory.
icye said:
For a ps3, 2.5 inch hard drives that spin at 7200rpm will overheat inside the console because its cooling system is not that efficient at those speeds.
aston said:
if you want to be boxed into proprietary systems or in the consumer space ..then yes. In the enterprise space however, bluray server systems are very different. Platform agnostic and UDF read write compatible. [url][/url] blu ray server [url][/url] Phantom data systems sure takes the lead on enterprise blu ray.SH.
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