Could increased PS3 sales be causing a shortage?

By on March 26, 2008, 4:30 PM
Sony has to be excited about its game console sales outlook for the present year. Followed by its victory in the HD format war, the PlayStation 3 seems to be enjoying the momentum it had lacked so far and that its competitors, namely Microsoft and Nintendo, had shared at different points in time during 2006 and 2007.

With such a huge number of happy PS2 owners, the PlayStation 3 looked like a winner on paper but it faced mortal - and considerably cheaper - competition since launch. But if things go smoothly for the Japanese giant in the coming months, it could be set to dominate the console world once again, boosted by consumer thirst for a capable HD movie player. After all, the PS3 remains at large as one of the cheapest Blu-ray players. To some, one of the best players, too, considering Sony has kept rolling updates that last week made the PS3 the first official Profile 2.0 Blu-ray device.

But the good news could stop there if Sony falls short of supply. This week we tried to gather information from retail and online outlets and they all seemed to be out of stock of 80GB models (the only model in production carrying backwards compatibility), although the cheaper 40GB models were still available from a number of establishments.

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Moltar said:
Well to let everyone know the 80gb Playstation 3 has been taken out of circulation. I know this because of my job at Best Buy and reading the stocking reports. The 80gb unit has been deleted from out system. The Sony reps. continues to inform us that a newer unit is on the horizon so hopefully it won't be too long until a new unit is available. One other speculation is weather the new unit will be backwards compatible. Many people all over the web say and believe that Sony is doing away with backwards compatibility in favor of pushing the next gen. console revolution considering that PS2 title production is supposed to cease sometime this year.
windmill007 said:
Ya backwards compatability is nice but not if it cost $100 more. Really once you play a PS3 game in HD .. You more than likely won't want to play the PS2 versions anymore anyways.I just updated my PS3 40GB to profile 2.0 last night. Sweet!
icye said:
PS2 backwards compatibility is not a big issue on the PS3 and Sony knows that, the PS2 can be easily found now and when its off the market, people can still find it on auction sites and the buy & sell. The PS3 has basically become a Blu-Ray player rather than a next-gen video game console. Most of the gamers are switching to X-Box 360 or the WiiThere are still many questions on whether Blu-Ray is what the consumer really wants, those questions need to be answered soon or Blu-Ray will be added to the dozens of dead formats from the past.
windmill007 said:
I don't know why they think PS3 isn't a gaming system. Granetd I don't game much but when I do or I let my boy play it he loves it. Sure maybe it doesn't have all the sweet games other systems have but it is still kinda new and givin time I'm sure it will build some more very good titles. I like the fact that my ps3 works as a media player and is cool and quiet and problem free. More than what can be said about the other guy. Sure if you a major gamer I'm sure you want a system with the most games and you would probable have every gaming system out there. But for us older generation that like to do more than just game and want a high quailty unit to fit into our HD media center the BluRay Ps3 fits the bill. Maybe sometime the xbox will have that but for now all the xbox 360 is good 4 is playing games. None of the newer movies that will be cmming out with be HDdvd anymore so really I think it is the 360 that is dead unless it decides to go blu and fix its problems. Sony is slow with the gaming side but that doesn't bother me.
icye said:
The ps3 is a good hub for our modern living rooms and I feel Sony will lean that way with future updates to improve on the digital entertainment experience. A shift in their marketing would lead to even more sales because no other Blu-Ray player looks sleek like the PS3.
black_adder said:
360 has games but is so buggy and (now) no media player... PS3 has looks, no (or at least considerably less) bugs, better gfz and a nice built in media player, but less games.I also Find that the 360's games come out on PC too most of the time, and since im a PC gamer, PS3 makes alot more sense to me.
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