Gmail getting blocked by 3rd party anti-spam vendors

By Justin Mann on April 7, 2008, 11:59 AM
Google's infamous Gmail has been touted by many as a great solution for spam-free email. Their spam filters have been impressive in the past and their ability to keep out bots who attempt to auto-register left them as a “trustworthy” domain. Earlier in the year, however, their CAPTCHA technology was defeated and as a result there has been a slow creep in the number of spam accounts hosted via Gmail.

Now, some vendors are beginning to block mail coming from Gmail. Issues from mails being extremely delayed to mail simply not coming through at all have been reported. Due to the number of relays Google operates, not all of them are blocked or filtered – so sometimes mail gets through, other times it doesn't. The primary source of the blocking seems to be MessageLabs, Antigen and a few other anti-spam companies.

They, of course, point the finger at Gmail, and tell Google that they need to fix their CAPTCHA. You'd think with the tremendous amount of capital and resources that Google has, this would be no problem for them. In the meantime, this can't help people put faith into Gmail as a reliable mail service.

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jesse_hz said:
"You'd think with the tremendous amount of capital and resources that Google has, this would be no problem for them."You'd think, but I think Microsoft has shown us many times that simply throwing money at a problem doesn't always work.
windmill007 said:
Ya gmail is the only email service I use because they block spam. Yahoo isn't that good and msn or hotmail is a joke. I can't believe people still buy into spam. I never bought anything from spam in my life. And it actually makes me not like any product they are pedaling. I wish spam would die off. Its such a big waste and annoyance. Its like sales calls. I hang up or don't answer any number I don't know. If I want something I research it and buy it myself.
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